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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Haha. Still a groupie after almost twenty years and sometimes the pix he puts on twitter are too "pretty" not to post

It has been a wonderful day. (Friday, August 3....Or some would say Saturday) Even tho it's the hottest summer in the US, it's the mildest I can remember here. 107 degrees in dsytime but very cool now. At 2 am. When I should be in bed. But Ron was freezing me out so I moved to the couch and then all the fun of the week starts pouring in. Finishing the cabin. Not cheating on diet and losin weight. New trakfone with TRIPLE minutes...even tho I'm stillwaiting for activation and spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone trying to get my 1036.9 minutes transferred. Oh, sorry. That department says we can only give you 766 minutes. The HECK you say! I will send you a pic of my phone showing the minutes I' m transferring, but I assure you it won't be a minute less than 1036.9! Coda's finally wearing his contacts and Zack even has a chance at.a second job.

So I made out the parrial list and forced myself to bed and...DANG IT!!! I had a whole paragraph written using this Nook and we hit a bump making me hit it against me and it all disappeared. I am not a texter so re-writing SUX! But here goes. NOW it is 615 am after an hour of prepping to leave for our supposedly, next to last work trip at the cabin. We have gotten so close that Ron will suffer thru the heat and go ahead and put in the floor insulation this weekend and weekend after next with his brother's help, finish and do copper colored skirting. Next weekend I take Mom to my niece's baby shower Saturday and celebrate my birthday Sunday...possibly with a hike since Medifast will allow exercise starting the next day.

ARG!!! Another bump! Another re-write! So! I have started reading autobiographies and the first one last week I highly reccommend was Breaking Night, the Liz Mirray Story. Lifetime made it into a tv movie you may have seen called Homeless to Harvard. If you had been watching Lifetime tv last night...guess what you might have come across around 1 am. Of course the book is way better. XeShe has some organizations you cam check out at Now I'm im another Harvard book about Facebook. Last week, I read Once Upon a Secret about the 19 year old intern who slept with JFK and Against Medical Advice, written in first person from a young man suffering from Tourrette's Syndrome and OCD.

So I had to get the new phone because buttons kept sticking on the old one up to where I couldn't even get to my contacts yesterday! Lynda has the magic touch and not omly got the buttons to work to get them, did all the work to make me a hand, of course. We got Coda's contacts Thursday of last week and he refused to wear them again til Wedmesday when I told him I wouldm't take him back or buy more if he didn't. He was just freaked from the hard work of trying to get it into his eye without flipping it back out and trying to find the edge to get it back OUT of the eye at the end of the day. Now he says it just takes one try instead of twenty. What did I tell him about practice?

Zack still loves doing his companion care home health job and has a chance of a second midnite to 6 am job as a security job nearby. Actually, chances for two different security jobs besides this one. Meanwhile, I am using a new Nook ap to make different updating weight loss spreadsheets and hopimg to lose even more weight when I add exercise back in next weekend. Totally freaked about the garage tho. Gonna go ahead and tell the story even if someone might think bad about it. Every year, twice a year, we get what I xalled mice im the garage. Buy bait. They die. Repeat in six months. The other night I think two got in a fight on the boards over the rafters and I got a glimpse of one as big as a cat THAT ALMOST FELL ONTO THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF ME!!! It was the first tan rat I have seen.

4 pm Here at the cabin, Ron only started working about 45 mimutes ago putting the insulation noodles around the plumbing pipes. I think that is all the real work we are planning for this weekend. We spent the morning at Home Depot as usual, and then to order the metal and screws for closing in the bottom of the cabin. I bought six boxes of rat bait if you were wondering. The metal cost twice what we expected but still lower thanmy guestimate before we had checked on it and the last big expense will be a load of sand to even out the slanting lawn. After sitting out here all this time TRYING to put the chair somewhere level, that seems like a must spend if we ever want to spend any time outside. I'm just sad that we finally got it looking eighty five percent like a real yard and now we will be covering it with sand again.

Twenty four hours later and I am still waiting for them to activate my phone. It takes awesome pix and video so I jave a pic set up for every one of my contacts so I will easily catch on to those scam calls since I didn't enter rhose numbers in. After all the transfer frustration is over, I won't be able to help loving 4500 minutes for two hundred dollars...after Ii use enuf to need to buy any more, I don't see how many other phone plans could be cheaper. Two hundred a year seems good to me...

Sunday at nine am. Just wasted my medifast cookie bake by accidentally hitting two mimutes instead of one. Oh well. Glad I packed an extra crunch bar for emergencies. Sent Ron to breakfast alone again so he didn't bring any coffee back even though it was requested. We went and got it and some diesel to get rid of the tree stumps next time. Ron is currently trimming the loft carpeting after putting in the last two outlet covers. I think we could have finished without this trip but whatever. Still waiting for phone activation but it took two days for Dakota's activation too. I wish my home scale read like the one here! My home scale, the one that I go by, reads heavier than any scale I have used recently, including the doctor's scales both at the doctor's office and at work. In the end that's a good thing but my cabin scales are five pounds less than my last check on the home scales.

Lost three more pounds before we left by the cabin scales....come home to scales that say eleven pounds more than that one though. Took til 545 pm but I FINALLY got my phone activated....and they gave me extra days and extra minutes...

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    Oh my a rat.......That must have been terrifying!!!! emoticon
    2080 days ago
    Love all the pictures bouncing around in your blog.
    2081 days ago
  • LHLADY517
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    2082 days ago
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