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Sunday, August 05, 2012

I've done a lot better this last week than I had been doing. Got to the gym several times, and while I haven't precisely eaten well, I have kept it down to a dull roar.

Went to the podiatrist last week (I blogged about that), and he said I needed better shoes (read: expensive) and recommended a specific local shop that sells European made shoes. Went in there, and I have to admit the ones I bought feel better than any I have had for years, even though I spent $500 on them. I was spending so much already that I left two pairs that I had considered there, but think I am going to go back and get them. I feel so Imelda Marcos, but it is worth it to have my feet not hurt. These shoes are so well made, I think they may all well last me the rest of my life.

I've conceded that I am not losing weight, and my clothes are worn out, so I spent some time shopping at real stores this weekend as well, since it was tax-free weekend in Missouri. Didn't find a single thing I would spend that much money on. None of it fit that well (either too small or too large, with nothing in between) and all of it where I was looking (admittedly "low end" shops) well made. Guess I'll hit GoodWill and the Sally Army again this next week.

Saw a sports specialist about my shoulder injury of last fall, and he gave me some exercises to do. He also gave me a prescription for physical therapy if they don't work. I am trying to find time to fit those into my already crowded schedule. The shoulder doesn't bother me most of the time, but cramps up at times, and is definitely weaker than it should be, which stops me or limits me in doing a good many strength training moves.

My SIL's grandfather is still with us, although he got up in the middle of the night Thursday and fell. DD, SIL and GD get back from their cruise today. Had a message from DD that they were in Atlanta waiting for their connecting flight, so they should be almost back by now.

Got thinking about what I know of nutrition, and started myself on Vitamin B6 and fish oil a couple weeks ago. Think my energy is improving some, although I still got so tired shopping that I couldn't do it all in one day. So annoying. No more than I like shopping, having to go back again is just not pleasant.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with Benefits at work to discuss the ins and outs of retirement (want to be sure I am understanding the process and what I can expect to have as income in retirement) and then have an appointment to have an "age spot" removed from my breast. It has been there for years, but the doctor says it is beginning to change in a worrisome way, so going to go get that taken care of.

Haven't exercised the last two days. Friday, I was too pooped from shopping, yesterday I was just plain lazy, and today I was pooped from shopping again. I have promised myself that I am going to go for at least a short walk this evening, even though it is still hotter than the hubs of Hades here. (How many H's can one put in one sentence?)

Finally went back and tracked today, yesterday, and Friday. Today is excellent so far, and yesterday was pretty good until I let the munchies get the best of me after dinner last night. Friday--let's face it, I lied to myself about how much I was eating, and it was not pretty. Over 2200 calories for that one day. Jeez Louise. On the other hand, I took myself out for breakfast and got a low cal vegie omelet, then had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, and am well within my range so far today. Think since I have been doing vegetarian all day by accident, I'll continue the trend and do vegie for dinner as well. Meatless Sunday instead of meatless Monday. It works.

Anyway, if I am going to go for a walk, I have to eat first, so I had better get to it. Have a baked sweet potato with Greek yogurt and some green vegies planned for the meal, followed by a nectarine or some grapes.

See all of you tomorrow.
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    OUCH on those shoes what make are they. We have to use COOMBS for DH and $225 is often the price. We usually use new balance and he does use orthotics. I hope you know your podiatrist well. I know a great pair of shoes is a special treat for the feet. Clarks are very good we can buy them at LLBEAN the good thing is you cam return them and get your money back. New Balance allows us to wear them in the store and take them home to wear in doors and still take them back. At that price I hope you can do that. it takes a while for new shoes to talk to your feet .
    I hope the family comes home and Grandfather is recovering . HUGS Pat in Maine
    Keep up the good work I use Krill oil since the regular fish oil tastes in my mouth for hours. I also use a B complex so i can get them all. i often do not eat any bread. Keep up with the walks too! great job and goals HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2083 days ago
    Great job this week!
    Sorry about the retirement shoes being so expensive, but as someone who's feet are a wreck, I agree, it's worth it. As far as the energy, shopping sucks the life out of me too. I hope the supplements help feel like the rest of your life isn't being sucked. I hope your shoulder eases up and your age spot gets taken care of quickly and easily too.
    I bet SIL will be a bit relieved to be with his father. My heart goes out to him, that couldn't have been an easy vacation to be on.
    It wasn't as Hot as the Hub of Hades here because it was 85, but exercising in 85 today made me feel like I was there. Holy Heat!
    2200 cals - you coulda done a lot worse. I usually do. Nice recovery with all the veggie matter. I had plain goat yogurt on some potatoes the other day and now it's my new favorite thing.
    Have a successful week.
    2084 days ago
    you're having a good weekend, it sounds like! And shopping burns many calories, so don't be too hard on yourself for being pooped afterward.

    Have you looked at Clarks shoes? They're generally good for people with bad feet (I have plantar faciitis as long as I remain over a certain weight), and don't cost $500 a pair. They're not cheap, but compared to $500, they seem like it! They have good sales and a frequent buyer program (buy 10 pair, get one free). A sale pair can run $50, and non sale anywhere from $100 on up. But they tend to last a long time, and are cute, to boot! (yes, cheesy pun intended) emoticon
    2084 days ago
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