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Sunday, August 05, 2012

I am cleaning up my camping mess, this blog is my break. I read LDRICHEL's Blog "Packing In The Protein: Day 2 (Pssst...It's Working!)" She took these ingredients and created her own yummy protein shakes with her own personal touch. Adding our own personal touch to things helps to build self confidence and thinking out of the box.

I got some great tips from one of the more experienced hikers who keeps all of his camping gear in plastic bins. When it is time to camp he loads them in his truck and every so often he restocks and cleans them.

I took his tip and gave it my personal touch.

My shopping bags are soft so they don't damage the car seat, lighter to carry & the free form makes them easy to pack in a car. All you do is hose them down then leave them out to dry.

I am still working on packing light and I had some significant improvement on this trip to Yosemite. Who knows I may even graduate to Backpacker level.

I really enjoyed the movie Wanderlust with Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd. I loved the Penguin scene with the HBO executives reminds me of the folks who still use plastic bags instead of re-usable bags. Watch the movie and let me know what you think.

These are the kind of people who just don't care about anything but themselves. They will just keep creating more trash because the world is their trash can, right? A few venues are banning plastic bags, but just a few. Why is it taking so long to make this change? Why aren't we all there already? Get those reusable bags and you can use them for everything. We don't want to be like those HBO executives in the movie!

I am going to have to get off my soap box before I go on a rant about the selfish people in this world who can't be bothered to care about the environment. Suffice to say "The world is not your trash can plastic bag users!"

Watch the movie and let me know what you think! I am afraid I have rambled a bit emoticon Have a great day, I need to get back to clean up.
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    Congrats on the successful trip! Like others I keep some stuff (travel bag) organized and ready. That came from being on the road so much. I use the reusable bags - cloth and Trader Joe's bags, which work better for cold/frozen stuff. We unload the groceries, stuff all the bags in a soft sided cooler and it all goes back in the truck. Makes life a lot easier and the soft cooler can be mushed around if I need the space.
    2084 days ago
    You sound very organized! I wish I could be. I try but Bob has a problem putting things where they live and then things get really wild. My mama's family were really into environmental things, as was my mother. It was passed on to my brother and me and then my niece and nephew. As for plastic bags, if I must get them, I do reuse them at home or in the car. I'll line waste baskets in the house and double them for waste in the car. One of the things my mama used to hate was the disposable diapers. She always used cloth and with my SIL, she used the disposable if they were on the road and cloth the rest of the time.

    Have a super dooper week!
    2084 days ago
    LOL VIctoria my military husband has things prepacked all the time he is with a tactical squadron so they have to be ready to go in half an hour .Funnily enough when I came from Europe people laughed at my wicker shopping basket ,now you can buy them here !I was used to taking my own bags !
    2084 days ago
    My family laughs at me because I keep a box of bags in the car. I try not to take bags when I shop...........sometimes I feel like my life is being ruled by bags.

    2085 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Way to get it organized Victoria! You are so right about the wastage of plastic bags. Several stores make you pay for them now if you want them. I hate them. For one thing they are flimsy and if you get heavy items they break down. I love my cloth and recycled material totes. They are sturdy, big, carry lots and I have some insulated for my refrigerated items. But I will also mention I just hate, hate, HATE all those water bottles being tossed out there. They sell bottled water so cheap, the lazy people can't be bothered to buy reusable bottles and fill their own. Grrr. Such a waste!!!
    I don't live close to a place that rents movies, so likely will not be able to see this movie, but I get the idea!
    Have a Marvelous Monday!

    2085 days ago
    Our municipality has a by-law against stores providing plastic shopping bags. I have a car full of re-usable bags, as well as carrying smaller ones that roll up nicely in my purse.
    2085 days ago
    Good for you!! I like your ideas! emoticon
    2085 days ago
    Keep going with your improvements! emoticon emoticon
    2085 days ago
    If people are going to use plastic bags, they should at least recycle them when they go back to the store or ask that they be reused for their new groceries. -- Lou
    2086 days ago
    I carry all our traveling stuff in reusable Trader Joe Bags and a huge Costco bag in our trunk. Since we visit timeshares I have everything from an extra frying pan to reusable tupperware in my trunk at all times. Then when we go all I have to pack is our clothes. It has worked out so well...the condos are very well stocked but things like my own personal spices, juicer and misc. stuff is what I like to take along. Along with our backpacking/hiking stuff.

    Haven't seen the movie..I may have to watch it since you liked it.

    2086 days ago
    Keeping things ready is a big help in my opinion. I keep a small travel bag always ready, whether we're using the truck or taking the Harley. It's actually a Harley cooler the size that would hold a 6-pack of soda or beer. At the end of a trip I restock as needed - refilling shampoo, bandaids etc. You wouldn't believe how much is conveniently located in such a small space...including the his and her items that each of us need or prefer such as different shampoos and deodorants. Since it's always packed and ready, it makes the next trip easy peasy and lessens the chance of forgetting something at home!
    2086 days ago
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