Back to where I was 6 months ago

Sunday, August 05, 2012

I just weighed myself this morning and found that I'm back down to where I was about 6 months ago. That's progress, right? I've lost 9 pounds and met my first goal weight. I bought a lot of fabric in celebration.

Yesterday was Week 5 Day 1 in Couch to 5k. After our 5 minute warmup walk, we jogged for 5 minutes and walked for 3 minutes until we hit 30 minutes. DH ran with me after his heavy duty workout. We finished with flying colors. We each did our job - I kept the pacing nice and slow so we didn't poop out, and he celebrated at every walking break. He has the tendency to go way too fast but he's learning that if he can't hear my footsteps behind him, he needs to slow down.

My other job is to reassure him that we're on track with our training for the January half marathon. He wants to add miles way too quickly and I have to reign him in a bit and remind him that he's still learning how to run a 5k. There's a race at the end of August where we'll test our ability to do that distance. Then we learn to run a 10k and hopefully follow that with a race in October. Then we learn how to run a half marathon and follow that with our race in January.

Today our plan is to hit the punching bag and speed bag. That's always fun.

Meals are planned out for the week... well, mostly. Lunch is always an issue because what we're doing changes so much from day to day. Meetings are often followed by lunch out... and that's usually where we both fall down. We're working on making healthier decisions at the restaurants we visit.

Speaking of food, it's time for breakfast so I've got to go.
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