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Activity ON and OFF the training plan

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Yesterday was my first "long run" on the newly devised training plan. I tried to follow the Galloway recommendations, having done my first time trial last Tuesday. It recommends, based on my 9:02 magic mile (imperfectly measured) that my anticipated HM time would be a 10:48 per mile pace. It further recommends long run pace to be 13:50, and that this should be done with intervals of 1 minute run, 1 minute walk. emoticon emoticon

Well, I set out in the rain with a 5 minute walking warm up, then was very gentle with my 1:1 for the first two cycles, because of the wet sidewalks, and then bike path. Yes, I used the bike path, and because it has limited intersections, my mind started to wander. Polly Perfectionist started talking to me the first time I overshot the 1 minute jog to 1:15. She said, "Go on, jog to the end of the minute, it's only 2 minutes." Then Judy Justification got in once Polly started complaining that I wasn't following the plan: "You had to stop at the light... that has to count as part of the walk interval... you can go on to the next minute."

And, I listened to her and did a 2:1 for a while. Then a 3:1, and eventually one 4:1... before things got a little "different" with a potty stop at a convenience store, then eating my planned snack at a walk (because it was time, already)... and finally finishing up with a proper rotation of 1:1's. In the end, I covered more miles (9.73) than the target 8, kind of once again trying to find where my fitness really is, as opposed to trying to fit into a published plan. In the end, I am confident I'll find the balance.

This morning, it's not a "running" training day. So that means "cross training". But there was only one word on the calendar I put together. No miles, no minutes, just "swim" or "bike" is on the day. It was such a nice day, I decided that biking was what I wanted to do.

Every time I went into the garage, Uma Vertigo, the knobby tired mountain bike emoticon looked at me accusingly. "You haven't taken me out for a ride since Brenda (Starr Trek) came to live here," she seemed to say. So this morning, I promised her a nice ride. And we went. Pumped up the fat tires and hopped on in the cool of the morning, and took her out over some of the same ground I had covered on foot Saturday, and beyond. I ended up at the cemetery, stopping by mom & dad's gravesite. It's pretty and peaceful on that ride, and the bridge over 27th street is once again open to bike traffic! Yes!

I didn't worry about time or miles... I just rode and enjoyed the wind in my face or the sun in the sunny spots. I smiled and said good morning to others out doing similar things on those paths... jogging or dog-walking, or biking or even roller blading... lots of activity out there this morning.

And as I rode, I thought about the sheer joy of moving the body. When we were kids, we did this kind of stuff just BECAUSE it's fun. Second childhood is a great time of life.

Spark on! emoticon
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