Being in control of what I eat (and how it affected Cheat Day)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

At the start of last week, when I decided it was time to get my eating habits back in line again, at first I wanted to fight it, like so many times before. All I could think was, "Oh great, here we go again. I'm going to have to be controlled by a food plan and not eat what I want. Waaaa."

I didn't want to feel like I was being controlled by something. I wanted to be the one in control. To say what, when, and how much I wanted to eat it, with no limitations.

But then I thought, "Wait a minute..... back the food train up. I AM the one in control. Doh! *I* am the one who decides whether to have good eating habits or not! I mean, c'mon, am I really "in control" when I eat whatever I want with no limitations? Or am I, in reality, "out of control"?

It was a pivotal moment. It gave me a new view from the pew--so to speak--and it was then that I felt really good about turning around my eating habits for the better, for good.

I can still eat what I want! But I can make better choices. Choices that are good for my body and will leave me feeling better overall. I can find healthier alternatives to the foods that I like and appeal to me the most, that fill me up and leave me feeling satisfied. And every now and then, I'll still eat something not-as-healthy, and that's okay, as long as I'm controlling it and not letting "it" control me.

I didn't realize how my new way of thinking would affect my Cheat Day yesterday. I felt so good about how I was eating all week (with the exception of the two Pepsi's, which I didn't feel "too" bad about, but not great, either), that yesterday I really didn't even want to cheat all that much. And as it turned out, it wasn't that much of a Cheat Day. I found that I didn't want the foods that I knew would leave me feeling bloated and tired. I wanted healthy food that I knew would nourish my body and leave me feeling good.

When I finally had some ice cream late last night, though it tasted good, the after effect of stomach upset and bloating from eating a not-so-healthy portion almost wasn't worth it. My body had started to get used to healthier eating and smaller portions again, and didn't like it when I tried to overfeed it.

It felt good to be back on a food plan this morning. I really enjoyed my breakfast of egg and cream cheese toast, the egg being 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites (fried in 1 tsp. olive oil), orange juice, and coffee (and plenty of water, of course). And my body thanked me afterward.

And by the way, I don't stick to Sparkpeople's meal plan to a tee. While the range they recommend for me is between 1200 - 1550, their meal plan for me is usually closer to 1200 calories, which is too low for me personally at my current weight, so I add on to bring it up closer to 1600 calories. Also, I have found that I need a higher calorie breakfast to feel satisfied (around 400 calories usually), and adjust accordingly the rest of the day. This is not true for everyone, though, so you have to find what works best for you.

You are in control today, Spark Friends! Treat yourself right.
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    My go-to healthy fats are Cold Press Extra Virgin olive oil, and almonds (in small amts). Sometimes walnuts, added to things, too. Walnuts also have Omega 3. Also, I will allow myself a little butter now and then, usually only a pat of butter.

    I've heard coconut oil is actually healthy, too. Even though it is high in cholesterol, it's like egg yolks, it's a "good" cholesterol and doesn't clog arteries like the unhealthy kind. There is even some evidence that it helps reverse Alzheimer's, which is important to me since my dad has it and it can be hereditary. I think you're supposed to use the "Extra Virgin" Coconut Oil, though. You can probably find some info on it on Dr. Oz's website.
    2085 days ago
    What are your go-to healthy fats? I have a hard time with them because I'm a bulk eater. I'd rather have a lot of a low calorie food than a little of a high one. That usually equals being on the low end of my fat range which I think causes a viscous circle of hunger.
    2087 days ago
    That does sound very filling, Michelle, and what a smart way to allow for your evening cravings! I seem to like a lot of variety with my breakfasts, and have tried just eating omelettes, but I'm just not a big fan of just having an omelette. It doesn't satisfy me as much and I wind up looking for something else to eat.
    2087 days ago
    I love your change in perspective! It's like the quote SP posted awhile back, "choose your hard" being overweight only seems easy until you think about the price paid. I have to have a low calorie, high protein breakfast to make it through my day. I'm an evening eater. My go-to is a 4 egg white omelette made with about 3 cups of spinach and a cup of mushrooms, with whatever other veggies I can find to toss in. Around 160 calories by the time I'm finished and around 20 grams of protein. It holds me over all morning and gives me room to fill my evening cravings.
    2087 days ago
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