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Sunday, August 05, 2012

I am so unbelievably long over due for a blog. I had promised that I would do a year in review and that is sill yet to come. My writer from within has not felt like being present lately (that biatch). What I do have to share is excitement.

If you follow me regularly, you know that I only weigh once per month. Well, as I have been training pretty hard, my trainer has me weighing at the gym once per week. I seriously dislike weighing weekly. It affects my moods when the scale doesn't represent the work that I have put forth.

To say that I am a member of the slow losers club lately would be an understatement. I has taken me nearly a year to take off my second 10% goal. I have worked harder that I have ever worked. I have been beyond faithful to my program. Plateau is a four letter word and then some. Seems that my body likes the 220"s and my cellular memory is equally as stubborn as I am. HA! Anyway, I changed things up at the recommendation of the my trainer. Cut some foods out of my diet (not eliminated-just reduced) and added kickboxing. This forced the push out of the 220's but still allowed a scant 1 pound every week and a half.

That is, until last week. My supervisor made the announcement that we needed to extend the hours that we provide phone support to our customers. That we need to work until 5:30 PM (higher ups wanted 6) and that in order to do so fairly, we had to rotate the schedule. This means that once every 5 weeks, I can't do my usual post work workout. I grumbled loudly in that meeting. It is all well and good but when school starts, there will be an issue for me. I have to be across town if high rush hour traffic areas in an hour. That will work itself out, someone will trade with me. Anyway, we were asked to put into writing the reasons that this hour change would be "bad" for us.

I took a day to compile my thoughts. I indicated that I had made a conscious decision over a year ago to completely change my life. I was, in effect, reinventing myself. That a major aspect of this was that I had hired a personal trainer that I see about 5 days a week after work. I noted that I had a standing appointment after work and that this hour change would severely interfere with my schedule. I included that I do this training not only for my weight loss efforts but that I like it. It helps me to relieve stress and keeps me level headed. That (get this) it is a very important part of my new life and I NEED IT. Wow. Did you hear that kids? I need it.

My words were noted but the plan moves on anyway. The remaining staff is building the case to change it back as the work load at that time isn't enough to warrant someone there and that the company is now paying an answering service and staff to do the job of one. Whatever. I can adapt and that is exactly what I did.

After talking extensively with my trainer, we developed a plan for me to train in the mornings. I did Mon and Tues strength with her at the regular gym, did Kickboxing classes at the other gym on T/Th and Fri with Sat training for an hour of strength and Sunday 1 hour of personal training kickboxing and followed by group kickboxing. The objective: Let's try this schedule, log everything you eat (like I have for the last 1 1/2 years) and keep a diary of how I feel. The diary being, do I feel like I have more energy? How are my aches and pains? What about hunger? etc. I used the Spark people planner to log and tried to log about 3 -4 times per day. Just little notes of observation. All in all, I think that my energy levels may have been a bit higher. I seemed to be a bit more patient. No more body aches than usual. When hunger set in, I was ravenous but found that I felt fuller for a bit longer after a meal and I need fewer snacks.

So, what did this get me? Well, I got up yesterday and stepped on the scale at home. Mind you, I am a week ahead of my planned weigh day. I had stepped on the scale last week so that we could see what change this schedule provided. At home, I was 208. Had been 208 before but I am a bit of a scale skeptic. I have to see that number more than once to believe it. So, when I stepped on the scale yesterday am, I fully expected to see 208 staring at me (sorry for the negativity). It read 204.6. I stepped back and just stood there looking at it in disbelief. I think that I even said something out loud like, "Really?" Dumbfounded for sure. The true test was to see what the scale at the gym had to say. The last weight fro the gym was Saturday July, 29th at 213. I remember being not so happy with that reading because it wasn't a full pound loss from the week prior. So, imaging my surprise to find my reading 207.5 (Note, the gym scale reads differently than the home scale and that is ok, as long as it is consistently moving downward).

I walked over to my trainer, bouncing up and down doing a dance to announce my numbers. I asked her if we could do a body fat reading. Down 6%. Yeah buddy! So, the lesson here is that change isn't always bad. Go figure. The girl who complained loudly to the bosses about the hours is planning to ask her co-workers if I can do their 8:30 to 5:30 hours next week on T, Th so that I can hit the morning gym. *Smirk*

What did we learn? My trainer and I think that I burned more effectively this week. I did more carido than usual and in the morning. We think that this allowed my body to burn all day. My usual schedule had be training in the evening, and then going to be about 4-6 hours later.

What was difficult about it? I am so programmed in my head that I felt like I was cheating by not hitting the gym each day after work. I really wanted to go. Can you say addicted? How about obsessed? I don't really care, at least it is a healthy one. I may end up going to the gym in the evenings twice per week just to get that stress release.

Do I expect this each week? Hell no. I know that I was stuck and that this may be a fluke but I am riding high for a day or two. I deserve this. I have worked so hard for this.

My reward? I bought myself a beach cruiser. I have only been looking at them for a year and a half now. Pining for one. I looked online and in stores. Wanting to get just the right one. Not wanting to spend much money, as it is rather tight, I decided to buy a cheap one and if I indeed ride it like I plan, I will upgrade someday.

This isn't it exactly. It's purple where the red is on this one. I would be riding it now but it's raining.

Finally....proof! This can be done. You just have to stick to it and never, ever give up.
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