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Scariest Moment Ever

Sunday, August 05, 2012

It was scary. It made me nervous. I was so worried. My heart was beating so fast. What if? What would I do if? OMG! I can't take it anymore.

It happened last night shortly after midnight, my heart was racing faster then an Olympian, my brain was going through a rolodex of what-ifs, my body was shaking like an earthquake in California, every step I took sounded to me like a dumptruck driving down the street. And then I did it. And everything was OK again.

Yesterday my six year old finally lost her first tooth (OK, it was pulled out by my wifes father, which I'm not happy about). And I had to play tooth fairy last night. That was intense. And now I only have to do it how many more times? LOL. And then for another kid? No wonder adults get gray hair and go bald. Santa and the Easter Bunny have nothing on the Tooth Fairy. They don't reach under the pillow which your childs head rests upon and sleeps. They just hang in other parts of the house doing their thing. I can't wait until next time.... yes I can.
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