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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Recently, I gained 7 pounds (in one week). I had over eaten and I had a water retention problem. As of August 4th, I lost those 7 pounds and an additional .4 pounds! I now weigh 309.4 pounds. My mom told me…”You are almost to Twoterville’! Yes, I am!!

Friday, I had made a plan with my daughter to go in the evening to walk at the track. I wanted to go when it was cooler and to limit my sun exposure (another story – weird allergy). Wouldn’t you know it, when it was time to go, she backed out on me. She wasn’t feeling well and my granddaughter had just gone to sleep. Ugh!
Well, I had work to do! I put on my shoes, picked up my pedometer, cell phone, and headphones and I headed out the door to walk in my neighborhood. I was so determined to get the job done that I didn’t care that I was wearing shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt! That might not sound like a big deal to some, but umm I NEVER leave my yard with shorts or a spaghetti strap shirt on! I know, I can’t say never any more. I got a little ways down the road when I realized what I was wearing and I thought…I don’t care. If my neighbors have a problem with it, they don’t have to look. They can sit there and get fat!!! LOL

I got down to the stop sign and when I saw that no one was coming, I jogged to the other side! I know it wasn’t that far but hey, I DID IT!!! I actually did it!! Not only that but I did it again a couple more times before I was done with the walk! I was so surprised! I would have never thought I could have done it. Hmm I think I need to eliminate that word from my vocabulary! Lol

Saturday I had just finished my dinner and then my kids come in with pizza! Are you kidding me? That is a total lack of home training! Lol Haven’t I taught them not to be brining my favorite food into the house to be tempting me? I didn’t eat any! I wasn’t even tempted. I was completely satisfied with what I had so I didn’t want the pizza. YEAH I DID IT!!!

Does it always go that way for me? Umm no (did you not read above where I talked about gaining 7 pounds?) I have slip ups. Wednesday was one of those days. Can you say Olive Garden? Enough said! What makes the difference for me now is that I try to learn from it and I let it go. I don’t beat myself up about it. I don’t let it completely throw me off track. I don’t use it as a license to binge on anything and every thing!

I am on a mission!! I have work to do. This isn’t going to be delivered to me like a present or by the UPS guy! Darn! I have to sweat! I have to eat healthy and within my calorie ranges. Your plan may not be the same as mine and that is okay but you have to WORK your plan! I have to WORK my plan! It has taken me a LONG time to figure that out but now I know and now I am getting the work done!

So you are off track right now and you are having trouble getting going again. When you finish reading this blog, go to you page and read the things you wrote about what you want to accomplish on your journey. Read the goals you set. Read the rewards that you said you wanted for yourself for reaching certain checkpoints in your journey. Look at the successes that you have had so far. That in itself should be enough to get you going again! If not, and you need a kick in the butt or need someone to talk you down from a bag of Doritos, Sparkmail me and I will kick you in the butt or talk you down from the chips or whatever! Lol

Stop beating yourself up! The past is the past! Drop it! Let it go! You can’t go back. Dust yourself off and get back to work!!! Maybe you can’t jump back into a 45 minutes workout, okay so do 10 minutes! Turn on the radio and get your groove on! Take the clothes off the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or gazelle and get to it! Do something, even if it is a few minutes. You will feel so much better when you do it! Make your next meal a healthy one. Just focus on that one. Then make the next one healthy, then the next one…and so on and so on and so on. Get the picture?

Say positive things about yourself and your journey. Maybe you are struggling to find something positive. Call those things that be not as though they were! In other words, speak those positive things that you want to happen in your life. I tell myself that I am healthy and strong. I know I am on the path but if I keep telling my body that I am healthy and strong, eventually it will get with the program and catch up with what I am saying.

Stop building yourself up and then in the next breath tear yourself down. This is what I mean about that. You are in the store and you see a friend of yours. She says to you :I love your blouse. It looks great on you!” Then you respond “Thanks, it is just an okd shirt I found in my closet.” Why don’t we just say thanks and leave it like that? Or maybe we say..”I went for a walk last night and I did a bit of jogging, it was only a few seconds.” Hmm that sounds a bit familiar. See, I am not perfect. I am learning too. I should have just said that I jogged a bit. I didn’t have to cut myself down by throwing in that it was only a few seconds. Learn to speak positively about yourself!

Okay so I won’t beat that to death! Moving on to my recap of the last 4 days.


1. Freggies – 7
2. Glasses of Water – 19
3. Calories – 2450 (over range) 7000+ sodium (can we say Olive Garden?)
4. Fitness minutes – 40
5. SparkPoints – 104


1. Freggies – 4
2. Glasses of Water – 12
3. Calories – 1299
4. Fitness minutes – 57
5. SparkPoints – 127
6. Took SP LIVE class


1. Freggies – 0
2. Glasses of Water – 12
3. Calories – 1418
4. Fitness minutes – 77
5. SparkPoints – 106


1. Freggies – 7
2. Glasses of Water – 14
3. Calories – 1245
4. Fitness minutes – 40
5. SparkPoints – 97

Going forward I will just give a weekly recap. I think putting it out here for the SP world to see will help me get the job done.

Come on, we can do this!! It isn't easy but it is worth it and WE are worth it!! Let's DO WORK!!

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