What the !!!!!!!!! .....a pink helmet with blue flames!!!!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but since my mother-in-law was so ill, it really passed without fanfare.

My DH and son had other ideas - so a late celebration was planned by them this weekend.

Since I was about seven years old, I have wanted my own bike - as the oldest of five children in a poor family - it was always a distant dream as I sat on the front veranda on Christmas morning and watched all the local kids ride their shiny new bikes.

As they say - "good things come to those who wait" and I have waited nearly 50 years - but now ........


My DH took me to the bike store and the wonderful 'bike consultant', James, asked a lot of questions - took note of the fact that I was a virgin cyclist and fitted me out - making sure that the saddle was the right height, leg length just so, angle at the knee correct etc etc etc so that it fits my body exactly, and then we went to the park to test it all out - and I loved it - the feeling of speed and freedom is exactly as I had imagined. I couldn't stop grinning like a mad woman!!

And then it came time to select a helmet - James put a selection of helmets on the counter for me to make my choice - white, grey and black - all dull and boring - and he fitted them to my head - but I wasn't happy!! I had a different picture in my mind .... somthing more daring....

Suddenly, behind his back, on the shelf, I spied the one I wanted - hot pink with blue flames!!!! I loved it....

He looked at me like I was crazy - if you can picture the conversation, it went something like this......
Are you sure????
Have you got my size?
Yes, here it is , but are you sure???? Its got blue flames!!!
Yes I know - aren't they awesome - I love the blue flames!!! Of course, I AM SURE!!!!

Finally, my dream to have my own bike was coming true - so why shouldn't I have a helmet to match - just cause I can!!!!!! ... and of course the sizzling blue flames will make me ride faster!!!

Life is too short to settle for second best - don't live on the sidelines - lash out and live your dreams whatever they may be - just cause...


If you see a shiny new black and silver bike whizzing down your street, ridden by a mature lady with a hot pink helmet ...... blue flames sizzling .....and a huge smile on her face - don't forget to wave!!!!!

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