today's my bday! 31!!!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

In the past, I've written at length about how one of my biggest struggles is sugar, and specifically in the form of drinks (ie: soda). Then to give up soda, I turned to juice. But it just wasn't the same, I missed the carbonation and the caffeine.

So my latest strategy is I simply drink 90 percent of my beverages as water, and then when I'm missing the soda, to simply drink that. I eat fruit, so I don't really need to drink the juice for vitamins.

Yes, soda is one of my "trigger" foods. That's why I tried to stay away. And I got through the physical craving in a few days, but mentally, I just could not wrap my mind around giving up something that I desired sooooo bad.

I've tried every substitution around, but I just simply enjoy soda.

I'm happy because I'm learning to "manage" my addiction. :)
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