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Facebook, mental health, and meditation

Friday, August 03, 2012

I locked myself out of facebook yesterday by changing the password to a random string of letters and numbers that I don't know.

I did this because I had become wrapped up in some hurtful things that people on my friends list were saying/promoting/participating in. It had gotten to the point that every time I opened my computer, it made me feel sad and defensive. I literally had a physical reaction to some of this stuff, and it was just plain unhealthy for me.

Part of me is very anxious about this.... I miss my awesome friends and family already. My sister ALWAYS has something hilarious to post, and I like seeing the pictures of what my parents are up to.

The other part of me is SO relieved that I don't need to deal with the bigotry that was being smeared all over the place anymore. I tried to speak out against it, and other people told me to calm down - that bigots have the right to be bigots. Well, yes, they do.... but I don't have to stand around and listen to it anymore!

So..... this morning I realize I have TONS more time now! Time that I used to spend mindlessly scrolling through other people's mundane status updates and carefully crafting my own.

So how am I going to fill that time? Well, I think I will spend it in 2 ways:

1) I want to start a meditation practice. I want to turn all of this anxiety and stress that FB caused in me into time for self reflection and calm.

2) I want to start to *meaningfully* connect with my closest friends and family again. So I am resolving to *gasp!* pick up the phone and actually CALL people. I'm going to call one person a day and have a real conversation with them, that doesn't involve clicking a "thumbs up" icon after every sentence they say.
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    Well done you. emoticon
    2052 days ago
    I started this change a few years ago. I became a runner, then a Chi Runner, a Tai Chi Chan player, a practicioner of Qigong and a Chi Running insturctor.

    All of thes activities are meditative in nature. When I run i have a focus, it is calm, focused time and I come back charged up emotionally as well as physically. My practice ot Tai Chi and Qigong are both moving meditations, and Gramie and I have been working on simplifying things in our lives.

    Face book, Sparks, et al can be valuable, they can be time waisters. we have to look at our tools and make decisions.

    In Chi Running we say, "Focus your mind, engage your core, run like the wind."

    It starts with a focusing of the mind. We also encourage people to bring the focuses into their life. So Chi Runnings main Site is

    Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong are also both practices that I bring into my day to day. So I drive my car differently, I sit at my computer differently, I make my morning coffee differently.

    Focus your mind, engage your core and move into life from there.

    take care

    2086 days ago
    Sounds like a great plan!!!!

    And sometimes people get weird and we have to step back and say, No, I'm not going there.
    2087 days ago
    I think we'd all be better off unplugging from the computer more, whether it's Facebook or G+ or whatever. I try to limit my time to when I'm having breakfast.

    Don't y'all miss real life?
    2087 days ago
    Good job for realizing and doing what you need to make yourself feel better. Facebook does take up a lot of time and frustration for a lot of people. I've never been one to spend much time on facebook, but I used to spend a lot of time on tumblr and it's amazing how many more things I can do in a day when I stopped going on there! And yes, my mood has improved dramatically as well. Amazing how something we "enjoy" can be so toxic!

    Your time will definitely be better spent meditating.
    2087 days ago
    waiting for my call....
    2087 days ago
    waiting for my call....
    2087 days ago
    I love this blog for so many reasons....

    I recently started getting very hurt and frustrated when I would see posts from people, which to me had an underlinning of hate and/or support for people and issues that differ so greatly from where I mentally am that is was just another source of stress I didn't need. I have slowly unfriended people and this has been great because truth of the matter is, we all have friends, who are more like people we know... and really only know because of some small time in our life or a friend of a friend or a relative of a friend... and well most of these are not "real" connection based friends.

    I think filling the time with medidation is great... I just started doing some simple medidation in the mornings myself and it's beena great was to stay centered...

    I hpe you enjoy your additional time and all the connecting you will be doing with yourself and those true friends and loved ones in your life..

    2087 days ago
    I understand how you are feeling. I've gotten to the point where I will hide friend's statuses because of their ignorance. I've found it to be less stressful that way.
    2087 days ago
    I totally understand that. From time to time I have to go through my friends list and "unfriend" those who's posts stress me out or never have anything positive to say. It's not like they are my real friends anyway. Good for you for taking a step back.
    2087 days ago
    2087 days ago
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