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Finding the Weigh - or Anti-Weigh??? ;D

Friday, August 03, 2012

Now it's time to say all our weight agony...


Hope you trip and die


Why? Because you SUCK!

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    I agree...that is a big deal! I blogged a long time ago about how I was addicted to the scale. I would weigh myself all the time! So now I have to force myself to only do it once a week. I am super impressed that you are going to pack it away until January!! Good luck! I bet you will start to feel a sense of relief in no time. Not always having to obsesses over small insignificant fluctuations. Yay you!
    2631 days ago
  • TEEJAY2009
    I'm totally with you on this girlie. Regardless of what anyone says, you have to do what's right for YOU. There is no cookie-cutter weight loss plan out there that works for everyone. Believe me - even without the scale to measure progress, your body will let you know in little ways that you're getting healthier. Maybe when you walk up a flight of stairs you don't get as winded, or maybe you don't hit that 2pm slump during the workday anymore b/c you have more energy. You will be able to tell.

    And I'll say this - and will probably get chided for it by some - but let getting healthier become your goal. Yes we're all here to lose weight, but let losing weight become a by-product of getting healthy, not the main goal. When you focus solely on getting healthy and building healthy habits, weight loss will naturally follow.

    So again - you do what you need to do to make this happen for you. Build a relationship with YOUR body. We're all different - nothing good comes from forcing ourselves into a mold that doesn't fit us - because then we rebel, get discouraged, etc. You are already doing a good thing by not giving in to an obvious scale addiction. When the result on the scale has that much of an impact on you, it's borderline addiction. The journey to health includes getting rid of addictions that serve no real purpose in our lives. So you're moving in the right direction. emoticon
    2631 days ago
    LOL Below or above the freckle? lol I would have a REALLY hard time using freckles haha...

    Good luck with hiding the scales. but you need to be accountable to find that something, that will work for you. Track food, or maybe just do the measuring once a month, Cause that is where you will notice it most of all anyway. Your clothes will tell you how you are doing. Remember every 10 lbs you lose is about 1 pant size. so if you are not going down in size, then something isn't working. It is what will tell you if it is working or not.

    As for the 1 time emotion..ummm think about if you are/were doing the right thing everyday and you weighed yourself once a week, and seen a loss every week? Then the emotion is a good emotion, that you are depriving yourself of. The glass half empty/half full syndrome lol

    But I am on your side, I will help you anyway I can in the team. You need to reward yourself every now and again on a job well done. The good thing is, if this works for you, you have to reward yourself, cause your cloths will start NOT fitting, and you will HAVE TO BUY new ones lol..

    Good luck girl and have a great time next week!

    2631 days ago

    You are right.... it IS a big deal! That takes some real determination but I LOVE your thought process on this. I do hate that when i gain TWO pounds im so grumpy the rest of the day!

    When i was at my most fit... I was in highschool on the basketball team at 180. I dont know what I started at when i started basketball... but I would AVOID the scale because at first.. I was just too dang tired to even remember to weigh in before school... and secondly i KNEW that an hour and a half of basketball practice was healthy, and at that point in time.. that was enough for me. I pushed myself to be an athlete and found myself not as hungry and unhealthy food didnt have that emotional control over me as much. Anyways haha, the scale WAS going down and i saw changes in my body and didnt care as much what the number was because i knew just from the mirror

    super gratifying! And you are right.. you will only have to feel that pain once if you gain or dont lose as much as you are hoping...

    but you will do great :) and even if you arent losing weight you will be doing healthy activities like derby! woot! I remember when you started derby! Its awesome you are still doin it!
    2631 days ago
    I also weigh every day. It keeps me accountable. And even a small weight gain does mess with your head a bit. You just gotta keep going! I didn't see scale movement of any significance for weeks and it was so irritating. But I kept at it, kept going, changed up my exercise and eventually the scale started to move.

    I wish you a lot of luck with the hiding the scale! I could not do it. I give you a lot of credit for trying. I do not have any interest in doing such a thing but I don't feel obsessed with the scale or it's movement/non-movement. The point is to find out what works for you cuz we are all very different and different strategies work each one of us!

    Big Hugs! and Good luck!
    2631 days ago
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