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Special Lessons in Life....

Friday, August 03, 2012

Wherever you are on your journey, I think these are valuable lessons to keep in mind. If you find your face frozen in a grimace, if you can’t remember the last time you smiled (never mind laughed), if you feel like life is an endless hamster wheel, it might be time to ask if you are taking it all too seriously.

1) Life has a sense of humour – the world has an astounding way of playing with us. If you take things too seriously this can be very stressful, if you play along and laugh about it life becomes delightful. So lighten up and enjoy the joke, rather than being the joke.

2) People matter – there is great power in exploring our inner-self, yet even monks live in monasteries. People bring energy, creativity, joy and learning to life. Surround yourself with great people and revel in it.

3) Stress is a killer – taking life too seriously is extremely stressful. All the expectation and pressure feels like wearing a heavy backpack. Stress drains our energy, dampens our enthusiasm and makes us sick. Lightening up takes the stress away and helps us live life.

4) Let it go – there are some things in life that are fundamental and worth fighting for. There are many more things that are trivial and we should let go. Letting go of some of this emotional weight brings more joy to life.

5) Enjoy the journey – it is vital to have some long term vision and goals to motivate us. Yet we need a balance by enjoying life each and every day to experience true enjoyment. Life is precious, so enjoy it every day.
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