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Deal or No Deal?

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

I was SO scared walking into that ortho office today. I mean, I really got myself all worked up. They brought me back to the doc's office and I waited and waited. The longer I sat there in that silent room, the more my imagination went wild and my stomach had a huge knot in it.

Finally, Dr. Reeves came in and sat down and said he had the results of the MRI. I was half closing my eyes, half looking at him...just waiting for the fateful words. These words would decide so much of my near future...and I wasn't sure I wanted to hear them.

The next few minutes felt like that game show "Deal or No Deal". It was like Dr. Reeves was Howie Mandel and I had just selected Case #6 (because that's my number).

Howie: Open up that case, Svetlana!

*Svetlana opens case (while craftily displaying cleavage)*

Howie: Ohhhh!!! September 8th Bloomingfoods 5k.

*Groan from the audience. And from me.*

Howie: So, the September 8th 5k is off the table. Wait...the Banker is calling with a deal for you.

*Silence in the Audience*

Howie: OK, here is what the Banker is willing to give you if you will agree right now...

NO OCD (chipped cartilege injury)
Bruised bone
4 weeks in a walking boot
Non-weight bearing course of treatment
*Audience is booing and shouting, 'No deal! No deal!'*
Water Treadmill and Pool Therapy
Return to Running Program with physical therapist
*Some audience members get excited and start to cheer*
And the final piece of the Banker's offer...October Half Marathon as planned

Contestant (aka me): Well, let's see here. This is a major decision. I mean, this is going to be a HUGE investment of time at the P/T office and in the pool and let's not even THINK about the cost of this treatment. Am I truly an athlete??? Or am I just a gentle jogger? I probably should decide this before I begin any multi-thousand dollar course of treatment. Am I really serious about this sport? Am I a runner...or a jogger?

Howie: You have 30 seconds to decide. DEAL OR NO DEAL?

Well...come on now...are you really on the edge of your seat? If you are, then you don't know me very well, do ya?

Of course I TOOK that deal!!!

Doc said, "Ok...I gave you the best possible course of treatment. Now it's up to you to do the hard work for the half marathon."

Trying not to think about how much work it's actually going to be...but I am pretty excited about one thing...I won't have to buy new shoes for at least a month!

P.S. A serious word on the bruised bone - this all happened because of my excessive weight. My talus bone in my ankle simply could not handle the force of my fibia constantly pounding it. I also have mild osteoarthritis in my ankle, which contributed to this apparently. This is definitely a wake-up call for me about my weight...although I have done a great job so far and lost weight using running as my primary method of calorie burn, I have got to get more strict with my diet and make sure I use my pool time to the max. I've been struggling the past couple of days to eat right. I don't know why it's been so hard for me...but I have GOT to do this. I NEED to get some weight off before October. This is going to take some serious mental toughness. Quite honestly, I am nervous and scared and doubting myself at times. This is the time to switch into athlete mode. If I say I'm going to train as an athlete, I need to begin to walk that walk and not just talk the talk. It's going to be hard.
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