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New Clothes, New Me

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I should really go shopping for new clothes. I mean, it’s getting to the point where at least 80% of my clothes no longer fit and as a result I tend to look pretty sloppy at work (in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (entirely). This is a wonderful problem to have and I am so grateful, but I simply didn’t expect to have to buy so much. If I have an event that I need a new blouse or dress for, I’ll go ahead and purchase it. The issue is that I don’t have the staples that I used to have anymore. This morning as I was getting ready for work I tried on a combination of 8 outfits but had to settle for today’s because nothing fit anymore. I’m the kind of person that remembers things through my clothes (like I’m sure many people do). I remembered walking across my college campus in one skirt, singing in church in another blouse, auditioning for a certain show in another. Lots of good memories and also a testiment to how far I’ve come. Some of the skirts I tried on fell off me as soon as I took a step. A lot of the blouses I tried went all the way down to my thigh. It’s just remarkable to me how things have changed and how far I let myself go. I looked like a small child in her Dad’s shirt or something! Clothes are expensive and it’s just not something I feel like I should focus on, but maybe I should. Maybe every paycheck, I’ll go to my local clothing store and buy 1 or 2 staples for my closet so I won’t feel so sloppy. I become so self-conscious when I wear form fitting garmets and even today, am a bit uncomfortable wearing this blouse. It looks nice, my Mother even commented on it, but I’m so used to wearing looser clothing that hides all of my flaws. Today, I cannot escape it and quite frankly I’m sick of feeling like I don’t have anything to wear on a daily basis. Since I started my weight loss journey, my Mother embraced the lifestyle to a certain point and has since lost quite a bit of weight and looks good. She’s around a size 10 or 12 now rather than her usual lifelong size 16 or 18. When I see her wearing clothing that are just way too big and I chastise her about it, I look at myself doing the same exact thing! We both need new clothes. This morning my Mother vowed that with each of her paychecks she was going to buy herself a new blouse or pair of jeans. Good idea huh? ;) It’s time to really accept myself for who I am and dress accordingly. Heck, I’m worth it!

Starting: 285lbs
Week Ten: 257lbs
Week Twenty: 238lbs
Week Twenty-Five: 230.2lbs
Week Thirty: 229lbs
Week Thirty Five: 229lbs
Week Forty: 225lbs
Week Forty-Five: 221lbs
Week Fifty: No Weigh In
Week Fifty-Five: 218lbs
Week Sixty: 216lbs
Week Fifty-One: 220lbs
Week Fifty-Two: 219lbs
Week Fifty-Five: 218lbs
Week Sixty: 216lbs
Week Sixty-One: No Weigh In
Week Sixty-Two: 216lbs
Week Sixty-Three: 2161lbs
Week Sixty-Four: 215lbs
Week Sixty-Five: No Weigh In
Week Sixty-Six: 216lbs
Week Sixty-Seven: 215lbs

Romans 8: 7 "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."
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    Congrats! You're doing great! And I love that scripture. :)
    2113 days ago
    You're doing GREAT! Yes, get some stuff that fits. You'll look and feel better, and you've worked so hard...you want to show that off! I've always liked a mix of vintage and new pieces, so I visit thrift stores and charity shops regularly. There's lots of nice stuff in there, and a lot of it is brand new, tags still on and everything!
    2116 days ago
    Congratulations on needing new clothes! Like you I also associate memories with my clothing and so I had some difficulty taking some of my too big things to the Goodwill. I did it eventually because my clothing rule is for new to come in, old has to go out. Since I am on a continuing journey, I decided to only buy one new outfit for each size I get down to with the other necessary items (like your staples) purchased at a resale store of some type. Well that was working fine until my husband said, "Honey, please buy some new underwear; yours are too baggy!" I hadn't even considered that!

    Keep Sparking! You are on a roll!
    2117 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2117 days ago
    Congrats on the amazing weight loss. I too waited until i had nothing that fit me anymore before I went shopping. The reaction when I showed up at work with new clothes that fit properly was amazing and quite uplifiting. Helped my resolve to keep this weight off.

    If you are planning on continuing to lose you may want to consider 2nd hand shops for clothes just to wear until you are the next size down. Not investing a lot of money for clothes that you will only wear short term. Save the money until you reach your goal and then you can go on a shopping spree!

    2117 days ago
  • SPIRIT42013
    Marvelous weight loss! I know what you mean about looking good. You always feel better if you look good. Do you have an aunt with a sewing machine and a lot of time on her hands? And check to see if your community has ARC, a store run by and for gathering money for the mentally handicap. Anyway, they sell gently used clothing, and quite a lot of it looks super. I guess, some stores empty their surplus there. Be creative, MissB! I'm sure you'll look great! (As for me, I've got boxes of clothes to unpack, size by size. I just hope that I bought things that won't look dated! My best to you! Keep losing! Whatever you do, don't put weight back on to fit your current wardrobe! emoticon emoticon
    2117 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    That's a good problem to have...congratulations on your weight loss!!! You have been doing an excellent job!!!
    2117 days ago
  • KAYLA0041
    I agree you need to reward yourself for all your hard work by getting some new duds and remember you don't have to get rid of all your old favorites that no longer fit. Find a good seamstress and have them altered emoticon
    2118 days ago
    Try EBay and clothing swaps. Get the key items (crisp white shirt, little black dress, ect) and spend as little money as possible until you reach your goal weight.
    On EBay and with clothing swaps you can sauce quality clothing at minimal prices.

    For now, spend the bulk of your clothing budget on jewellery (not rings or chokers), accessories (not gloves), perfume, make up and quality handbags. I advise you to buy economy footwear for now, just in case your feet become slimmer.

    Enjoy the new look.

    2118 days ago
    Having new clothes will spur you on to more weight loss. I think that you should show off the progress that you've made. emoticon
    2118 days ago
    Great weight loss!
    2118 days ago
    Excellent idea!

    If you haven't considered it, one option many others have used is used clothing / thrift stores. Especially when we've got so much of the journey both ahead of and behind us, that can definitely save us some money. (I haven't been successful with this, but others have.)

    Depending on the fabric, style and condition, you could also check into the cost of tailoring work. If it's less than the cost of replacing, you could also hang onto items that had strong and pleasant memories for longer.
    2118 days ago
    BogusAnnie is onto something, B! YOU ARE WORTH IT! Great idea, and doing it with Ma will be even MORE fun! I totally understand what ur feeling! I was just talkin to IRISH813 abt it yesterday - told her we are gonna have to buy a whole new wardrobe come the new yr! Cant wait! Just make sure u share lots of pics w us!!!! lol
    Love ya lots emoticon
    PS emoticon on breaking 216 - emoticon
    2118 days ago
    you ARE worth it!!!! emoticon
    2118 days ago
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