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What type of a daughter am I? Lying - Stealing

Thursday, August 02, 2012

On Monday, I told both my parents a white lie and on Tuesday morning I stole (well borrowed without asking) something from them. Let me tell you the story.

I haven't told any of you yet but with all of my mother's health issues (and dad's troubles too), she now has been diagnosed with Lupus about a month ago and this has been very difficult for me because I have been pushing her so much to get moving, telling her she would feel better. I was even kind of mean at times because she would just sit in her chair for days on end. So a month ago I started looking for a Pontoon boat for her. She has wanted a Pontoon for about 6 years and because they already have a speed boat (that she cannot get in and out of) she didn't want to spend more money. So I decided to buy a pontoon for her and last Sunday I found a beautiful boat, I would have posted a pic but the guy took the ad down last night before I got a pic of the boat.

On Monday I called my parents and asked if I could borrow their Chevy Traverse for a day on Wednesday and they wanted to know why and I told them that I needed a bigger vehicle than our Equinox to put stuff inside the vehicle (white lie). Then on Tuesday morning, I went over to their house and went out to their barn (while my dad was at his kidney dialysis appt. and my mom was still sleeping) and stole trailer lights off one of their trailers in storage so in case this trailer did not have correct hookups for the lights I would have lights on the trailer to bring the pontoon home.

Then yesterday we drove 2 hours away to go and look at this boat and it was just as the guy described it.....BEAUTIFUL. The seats, carpet, top and cover were in great condition so I bought the Pontoon for them. I even drove this giant 20 foot boat with trailer home down 2 very busy highways in 5 o'clock traffic and took it to their house.

On the way to their house, I called my parents and told them that I needed to have them come out to their barns because I had done something to their Traverse and I could not pull into their driveway. My mom asked me if I wreck their new vehicle and I told her that I would pay for anything that I did and she would not have to worry. She was upset thinking that I had an accident.

We pulled in my parents barn driveway and my mother came out of the house with her cane and tears of joy filled her eyes as she stared at the boat. My dad is unable to walk much anymore so he drove down on his Quad. I even saw a smile on his face, which is something that I haven't seen in years. They both hugged me and we all laughed about me making them think that I wrecked their vehicle. Then my hubby and BIL took the cover off and set up the bimini top so she could see the boat in all its glory. Her excitement just filled my heart with joy.

I know my parents time is short, but I feel so good to give them this pleasure for a little while and let them enjoy their putt-putt rides around the lake. I know that this will make them very happy.

Treasure your parents before it is too late.

Thank you for reading my blog.
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