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Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Book of Genesis
[1:29] God said, "See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food.
[1:30] And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food." And it was so.

I added verse [1:30] in for a reason. Read it again, and say. Aha with me.

We were all supposed to be vegetarian. That aha hit me like a rock upside my head. We were all supposed to be vegetarians. Now, how about that! We were all supposed to be vegetarians.

Genesis 9:3
Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.

Now notice God says "just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything". This is proof that before this point, people were only eating fruits and vegetables.

Romans 14:21
It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause any man to stumble.

So only animals that have cloven hooves and chew the cud are acceptable for food. Acceptable animals would include sheep, goats, cattle, elk and buffalo. Unacceptable animals would include pigs, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, horses, squirrels, rodents, and camels.
The next group of creatures that are mentioned in Leviticus 11 is water creatures. Let’s look at the verses which address these creatures:
(Lev 11:9-12 NKJV) 'These you may eat of all that are in the water: whatever in the water has fins and scales, whether in the seas or in the rivers; that you may eat. {10} 'But all in the seas or in the rivers that do not have fins and scales, all that move in the water or any living thing which is in the water, they are an abomination to you. {11} 'They shall be an abomination to you; you shall not eat their flesh, but you shall regard their carcasses as an abomination. {12} 'Whatever in the water does not have fins or scales; that shall be an abomination to you.

You know what that means. Cat fish is out, Shrimp, Squid, muscles, lobster is out –anything that does not have fins or scales; are out. You can’t have those items, those items are unclean. Why? Because they eat off the bottom –I think about the serpent Aka the snake. He will eat dust for the rest of his life, and crawl around on his belly.

Those things live on the bottom. Fish with fins eats vegetation and worms. And when you’re fishing fish our going to be close to the top –and my husband never brings home the fish he catches when he goes fishing, because he catches more fish with a can of chuck wagon dog food than he does worms or live bait.

So, I started to think about the Genesis & Leviticus.
I also started to think about my eating habits.
1.I didn’t read where there was a Pizza Hut or frozen pizza in the bible, and I had frozen Pizza with my hubby today. His choice and I ate that with him. I don’t feel guilty what so ever. Let me clear that one up.

2.I noticed the bloating of my system hours later of eating that darn Pizza. I felt wonderful yesterday, and I didn’t feel off until I had that mega pickle from the jar of pickles I have in my fridge, but I did know this much. That pickle only sat things in motion with the other crap that was in my stomach.

3.We are what we eat. We are what we eat. We are what we eat. Once again. WE are WHAT we EAT!

My mother game me this painting on my 31st b-day. To remind me. We are what we eat. We are what we eat, and that's the truth.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    love this vlog lynn! even before i started this journey with spark i've always felt this way about food. i've watched so many documentaries about food and how it's processed and that alone will change your thinking for sure. i've made lots of "CLEAN" changes in my home (including chemical) and i'm glad you've shared this with others too.
    i'm sad though b/c i just found out that tilapia is also a "bottom feeder"...which is my fav. do you happen to know which fish are ok to eat according to the word?
    hope you have a great week and again..thanks for the vlog!

    2088 days ago
  • PRINCESS3210
    thanks for this blog
    2088 days ago
    God provides us with all we need. Wonderful blog Lynn. I've been watching a lot of the raw food videos sweetlips posted on one of her groups and find them fascinating. Not much of a meat eater but sugary processed food is just as bad. emoticon
    2088 days ago
    And please don't let anyone else get it twisted, although God allowed man to have meat, it was due to the flood, when all was wiped out, but that did not negate Gensis 1:29-30. We must always, always undertand that. You got it right!!

    Thank you for commenting on my vlog and I appreciate you. I am committed to getting this thing right for radiant Health. It is Melia!! She has blessed me.

    2088 days ago
    Well, well, noticed that too, huh? That's my Nena! Fabulous blog sweetie!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
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