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Something Strange Is Happening Here!!!

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

I am so glad you all stopped by today because I am really trying to figure out just what happened to me. It is really difficult to explain but I think something weird is going on here and I have to figure it out.

I am not sure if someone slipped me some weird koolaid or if I was abducted by aliens that performed some mind altering experiments on me. lol Let me explain and maybe you can help me come to a conclusion.

So I have ALWAYS said that I hate exercise. I am starting to sort of like it. I say sort of because I have to push myself from time to time (a lot) but I like how good I feel when I get done. I also really like seeing my tracker filled out with the exercise and the minutes going up and up! Oh yes, and the trophies for achieving certain levels each month = BIG smiles and excitement.

I have also said that no matter what happens on my journey, this girl is NOT going to run. It is all well and good for others to run but it just isn't for me. Now here is the weird thing that has been happening. Everywhere I turn, I am seeing commercials with people
running. I am finding motivational quotes that I love but the picture is of people running. I visit Sparkpages and what do I find, people with pictures from races that they ran. I see pictures of people who have decorated their work areas with the race tag thingys (you know those entry number things they wear) hanging all around. I go to read blogs and they are about running and training for races. They are so motivating, don't get me wrong. Let me continue. I can see that the runners in the audience are getting antsy.

I began to watch the Olympics and I am enjoying the events. I keep hearing about all the training they have done. It is so motivating.

Then I start having these dreams at night. I keep seeing myself running a race. Did I say RUNNING?? Are you kidding me? I have had a hard time visualizing myself reaching my goal weight but I can have a dream at night about RUNNING!!! To top it all off, I joined the Spark team for the 5K Your Way. What was I thinking? A 5K? Really? I keep thinking about walking races and working up to running. What is this SparkPeople doing to me?

Could it be that I am catching the running bug? Could those little number tag things be in my future? Wait, what will my mom say to all this? I told her that there was NO WAY that I would be a runner. Maybe I am finding the REAL me. Maybe there is a runner in there
trying to break out. If so, she has been VERY well hidden and until now, she has been very quiet. Maybe her mouth was duck taped!

I guess it is time to nurture this thing. Have I lost it completely? This is still so strange so totally out of character for me. It is a new frontier for me. It is weird but at the same time exciting. I am starting to feel excited about that rumber tag thingy! Okay you runner people, what is that thingy called so I can talk like I have some kind of sense! lol

So, here it is August 1st and I am beginning my 5k training (walking) and I know there is a race coming up locally in September. Will I be walking in it? I just might!

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