Bananas for Yonanas!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Being on SCD, my husband really misses ice-cream. And with the hot summer we've been having, who can blame him?

Well I stumbled onto a solution that I hoped would work and based on my family's reaction tonight it's a winner!

The product is called Yonanas. (Yeah, weird name, I know. )

Essentially you freeze ripe fruit and then stick it down the chute of the Yonanas machine. It then whips the frozen fruit into a soft serve/frozen yogurt style treat.

No dairy. No sugar. No other ingredients but the fruit you put in.

They recommend you use frozen bananas but you can also blend in different fruit. We did a family tasting tonight and determined that the banana was a mild flavour, raspberry on it's own was tart but delicious when mixed with the banana, mango was really good and banana pineapple was the winner!

My husband is over the moon. I'm pretty impressed too. Because I'm trying to eat healthy and this frozen treat may have fooled my tastebuds but it's only frozen fruit!

I read reviews where critics complained that a food processor could do the same thing but I would challenge that. This machine really comes through with texture and consistency. It even comes out of the machine like soft serve ice cream.

And the real critics - my 5yo DD and 8 yo DS - both loved it!

If you want to check it out the url is:
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