D.C. Day six

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I am feeling much better now, thank you for all the comments. Yesterday was really busy so I did not have time to write a blog entry. I am sort of using the blog as a journal or travel log so I can remember the vacation really well in the future. I pretty much did everything I said I was going to yesterday. For breakfast we ate at Al Johnson's and I had the swedish pancakes with a side of two eggs and a piece of toast. After eating we went to the hands on art studio, but first we stopped at the bead bucket and I bought some beads and a beading magazine. I spent the remainder of my reward money on the beads and am looking forward to making the project that I chose. Well we went to the hands on art studio and my dad and I painted ceramics, he did a mug and I painted a desk organizer thingy. My mom made a lawn ornament sun thingy. We had a great time. after that we bought some sandwiches for dinner and went back to the lodge. I got a curry chicken salad wrap. Before eating I went to the fitness center and worked out. I walked on the treadmill for fifteen minutes and then my ankle started acting up a little bit, so I tried out the bike, but I couldn't get the seat to get the right postion, so I gave up after 5 min. Then I went on the elliptical machine for ten minutes. The machine was making a creaking noise and it was really annoying, but I managed to hang on for ten minutes and had a total of 30 minutes. After that I went back to the room showered and ate dinner. We then went to the theater and saw the play Chicago. It was really good. I loved everything about it. The costumes were amazing and the choreography was really good. I also loved the music and the actors were really good too. We basically ran to the car and managed to be the first car out of the parking lot. Overall yesterday was a really good day.

This morning I slept in until 10:00am. I had gone to bed around 1 in the morning the night before because we got back late from the play and watched the olympics. We had decided not to bike today because it was supposed to be really hot, so we didn't have any real plans for today. I ate oatmeal and a banana for breakfast after I woke up. We then went to leroy's coffee shop and my dad and mom had a coffee and I had a small skim vanilla chai late and a peach chobani yogurt. The barrista was very unfriendly and rude. We sat outside on the patio and talked and I read my magazine that I bought earlier on the vacation. I had a great time relaxing and doing nothing. After that we walked over to a soup place that was in the same complex. I had a bowl of soup. I just remembered I had a really upset stomach this morning and it continued for the rest of the day. I didn't let my tummy troubles ruin the rest of my day though, although I am glad we did decide to nix the bike ride earlier. After having lunch at the soup place we drove to Izora's. Izora's is my favorite bead store and my mom and I always take a class there every year. The lady who owns the place was on vacation, but there was someone filling in for her. I bought one thing of beads and spent the last five dollars that I have. We then drove to a really cool art gallery. We walked around outside and saw a bunch of really cool sculptures and I took a ton of pictures. My parents bought a really cool sign for the garden. After going to the bathroom for the third or fourth time for the day at the gallery we went to pick up the stuff we had made the day before at the hands on art studio. Then we stopped by sweetie pies on the way back and my dad bought a whole carmel apple pie. Then we went to a fudge shop and we all got a slice of fudge for later. I chose the cookies and cream fudge and got a small piece of it. We then walked to a candy store and my parents bought taffy and I got a thing of licorice. We then went back to the lodge, and here I am. We are going out to dinner soon and my stomach has settled down, finally. We are going to check out someplace that we have never been before. It is called Husbys and it is a casual place. I am looking forward to going there tonight. I will try and work out after dinner, but I don't know how I will feel then. I will get the key to the fitness room and I will keep it for tonight, I could work out anytime then. Well we are going out to dinner now, I will try and write again tomorrow.

UPDATE: We walked to Husby's I had a slice less than half of a 16" veggie pizza. I also walked back and after that I went strait to the workout room and walked on the treadmill for 40 min at an average 2.0 and incline of 3~5. My personal record for time on a treadmill, though I haven't really done too much walking on a treadmill.
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