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I saw Me

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The last time I saw You was about 4 years ago. I looked at you at thought well this is it because you were sad, tired, frustrated and resolved to a life of a pain. I stood watching as the tears rolled down the cheeks that were was so full of life. The next morning you were gone. A sad disapperance for sure for you had so much to give to the world. Over the years I wondered where you went and how I could find you again. Would you ever come back, Would you ever trust again? And if you did what would I say to you. The other day out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw but shook it off residing to the imaginary hope that you were well where ever you reside now. Then yesterday I got the feeling that you were close by I kinda shuttered at the thought because you have had so much disappointment and pain that I would not want to put more on you, But I so dearly miss you I thought, It would be so wonderful to have you back in my life. Then this morning I saw you not a glimpse not a shadow but you . There you were and you looked strong, more confident and full of life. I saw the twinkle in your eye as you admired at that I had changed. Standing before you is the hardest thing in the world because I let you down more than once. But you had never been gone for so long. And now that you are back I promise never to let you down again. Turning around and seeing you in the mirror was an awesome surprise. you peeked out to see the new found muscles and the body that is starting to have an actual figure again. You peeked out and saw the determination and the fight. You peeked out and heard the giggle as you realized that this time we have made the change of a lifetime. And with a wink and a smile the day started. Welcome back old friend the one on the other side of the mirror looking back at me. emoticon
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