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Hello peeps! Last half of July recap

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Oh my.. where has July gone???

July 16 - in court for eviction. get removed from court because I am wearing capri's and the bailiff considers them 'shorts'. emoticonseriously dude? Thank goodness I hired a lawyer so I did not have to get another court date.

July 20 - at the house at 8 a.m. with the sheriff to evict. they moved out, thank goodness. learned the hard way on what 'plaintiff' means. Sheesh. So I could have gotten a bond for 3 times the estimated value of 'stuff' left behind by renters and be our own 'movers'. I didn't realize this, I thought the renters had to do this. (there was just too much stuff to grasp) Sheriff said the bond would have been like $100 but now I'll be charged $325 for a move unless the renters sign the paper they don't want the stuff. call renters and leave a msg. Sheriff said move can be called off Monday morning if they sign this.

Renters call back at 2:15 and will come by Sunday and sign paperwork. They forget to bring it. So I have her sign a piece of paper stating she doesn't want the stuff. Call Sheriff and leave msg. Monday morning Sheriff calls and said that is NOT what he meant. augh. They have to sign the Sheriff's paperwork in FRONT of the Sheriff or at their office. So I call the renter and they agree to go to the Sheriff that morning to sign. Thankfully, they are cooperating with me!

I do NOT want to call the Sheriff and ask about my $750 deposit for the move. I'm scared! emoticon. Finally, after 15 days the sheriff cashed my $75 eviction fee but not the $750 (yay) Now I suppose I should call and see if they are mailing it back to me or shredding it???

SO.. What have I been up too since eviction day???

7-20 (eviction day) walked around the house and property and assessed damages. Noted things that were missing (grr) and surprised at things that were not. House is DIRTY as all get out, but no real damage. Very lucky here. Then had to go to work for 1/2 day as there was critical stuff going on.

7-21 was a family picnic. Had a good time, but just bad timing.

7-22 was at the house in FULL FORCE!! BF knocked down the front porch, which was rotten beyond belief. Brought his bob cat and ripped down a raised flower bed under the living room window and relocated to the front of the yard. Dirt was higher than foundation and that's bad for the house. Confirmed items believed to be taken by renters were not. ie washing machine. Lovely. It broke in March and she didn't say anything because she owed me big $'s. A friend of hers was moving and had one so she got it replaced. hmm, she didn't leave it behind either! Well I spent this day weed whacking and started attempting to clean the kitchen.

Peeps... do not invest in a deep fat fryer ok? emoticon emoticon besides the foods being unhealthy to consume, it makes a HUGE mess! I still have grease on the counter and the walls from this. I was told bleach works, have not tried to clean with bleach yet.

From July 21st thru the 29th I have washed every wall in the house, vacuumed walls and ceilings, painted closets, thrown away garbage, taped rooms in preparation for painting, seal coated the driveway, bought lots of paint and stain, painted, stained, vacuumed some more... have gone to Home Depot twice and Menards about 8 times!

I have consumed many of Wendy's Berry Chicken salad and since I had to get lunch, I got to steal a few emoticonfrom the guys!

I have not emoticonsince the 18th emoticonand last Saturday I really, really missed it. But I am on such a crazy schedule with meeting people at the house for one thing or another and I'm exhausted by the end of the day so there is just no emoticon. I'm thinking maybe this Friday?? I have completely maintained my weight, so I am still burning the calories I need to be! I have not even attempted to log my meals or work outs for this week either! But figure a good 6 hours of manual labor every day! Kinda was nice to get back to work to RELAX!

So.. here are some pics!
Have friend with tree mover, peach tree will travel!

I got some tomato and cucumber plants a while back. Pretty funny looking cucumbers! I believe they are cantaloupes as a few days ago, these were getting that rough webbing on them.

So, besides the porch and flower bed getting dismantled, I looked outside and in shock saw this huge tree in a heap! This entire 'sandy' area used to contain said tree and lots of scrub brush over growth. It's amazing how FAST all this can come out with a bob cat!

We have 1/2 the first floor painted. Was at work Monday, then took off yesterday to meet the chimney sweep. err... Chimney failed inspection! No more wood burning fires there! Got a quote for $1600 to fix the damages and that does not fix the fire box... Starting to feel like I have a money pit! BF can do the work though, so that helps a lot!

I snuck out after the chimney sweep was there to get a lesson on emoticon. They have been hit or miss lately. He's really great, then really bad. Last two lessons he is improving and trying vs fighting which is huge. Hard to keep your motivation up when one of you is not doing their part. He was cute yesterday though, he was nickering to me all the time. He got a bubble bath emoticonthat was long overdue.

I LOVE HAVING AN OFF THE TRACK THOROUGHBRED! Some people are like oh they will be a nut case, but not always true. One thing that is pretty true though, is they have had so much done to them, for the most part, they just sit there and deal with it. He stood like a champ for his bath, even when I washed his face!

Oh... and emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon(couldn't find a bell) I have new renters! They'll be moving in the end of August. Unfortunately, we found out that we are not asking enough for rent, but it's too late now as I already quoted them a price.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great job with the rental...I'm just tired reading about everything you've done the past week. You've probably burned thousands of calories working on the house!
    2119 days ago
  • CELLO23
    Wow - you've been wildly busy. Great you got moved on with the renters and kept your energy up tackling the jobs. emoticon
    2119 days ago
  • MRS.NG.06
    I can only imagine the amount of calories you were burning cleaning that house!! Not only was it an awesome workout for you but I am sure it was therapeutic after everyone that had gone on and knowing that you were making it a better place for the renters coming in..
    2119 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Huh? What kind of Victorian courtroom do you have there?? Capris-shorts LOL.
    So very sorry this rental house is all costing you so much and then the capper you aren't charging enough rent , oy :( At least you are getting some nice things in, ride with Turtle and a dance.
    Hope these new people are more reliable for you..
    2120 days ago
    Wow, what a July for you!!
    I'm glad things are looking up.

    If you know anyone that uses Melaleuca products.... they have a cleaner called Solumel that cuts grease. It is good for cleaning many things diluted, but for that tough grease you are referring to; I use it undiluted.
    Original scent is best, if you find someone to get some from.
    2120 days ago
    You got in quite a workout in that renovation.
    2120 days ago
    Wow, been a very busy July for you. Glad you got those not-so-nice renters out and new, hopefully better, renters in.

    Seriously . . . capris are SHORTS???? Oh Lord love a duck. That baliff sounds . . . well . . . anal!

    Glad emoticon is cooperating a little better.

    Sigh . . . here's to a slower August for you!
    2120 days ago
    Shorts?? Whatever.
    You might want to ask what they're doing with that check just to be sure.
    Yay for a picnic!! You seriously needed something fun.
    Grease seems impossible to get off. I scrubbed the whole kitchen when we moved in...we ended up just priming over it and painting. I still haven't gotten the residue off the cabinets 3 years later...we're planning to replace them sometime soon...hopefully. I have not tried bleach.
    Luckily we only live about a mile away from Home Depot ;-)
    I hope you get to emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    Yay for renters!!
    2120 days ago
    Life is full of ups and downs. Hang in there
    2120 days ago
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