100 reasons to lose weight/get fit.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

1. to live a long, healthy life.
2. to motivate others.
3. to know the strength my own body is capable of.
4. to not have ab-envy when i read a magazine and see jennifer aniston.
5. to never be held back from anything because i feel uncomfortable.
6. to untag pictures because they're inappropriate, not because i 'look fat'
7. to crave healthy foods.
8. to be in a good mood more times than not.
9. to not be camera shy.
10. to be able to say, 'definitely!' when a pool party or beach party comes along.
11. to smile at my reflection when i glance at a mirror/reflective surface.
12. so that the day when my wedding finally comes along, i can know exactly how i'll look in my dream dress.
13. to not avoid modeling because of my weight.
14. to be proud of the way i look.
15. to treat my body with the respect it deserves.
16. to eat to live, not live to eat.
17. to look back and smile at how far i've come (although, you can do that anytime!)
18. to not be recognized by former classmates/old friends at common places.
19. to shock and amaze.
20. to not avoid dressing rooms because i fear they won't look right/fit at all.
21. to walk around in a bra and underwear and feel confident and sexy.
22. to have people comment about my 'great bod' when i pass by.
23. to know that i had to work for what i have.
24. to be able to say, 'i wasn't happy, so i did something about it'.
25. to visit the doctor and know you'll pass with flying colors.
26. to come up with healthy and delicious alternatives that you like better than the original.
27. to throw on that trendy pencil skirt and know that you look absolutely smokin'.
28. to understand the hardships of losing weight and maintaing and being able to sympathize with those who are in a position you once were in.
29. to have nothing to hold you back.
30. to not only look athletic, but be athletic.
31. to have numerous 5 k's, 10 k's, marathons under your belt.
32. to know that you did something a lot of people won't commit to.
33. to be a good example for cousins/kids/family members.
34. to have your parents be proud because you changed your life.
35. to exude confidence.
36. to have healthy, gorgeos hair and long nails.
37. to look and feel younger.
38. to do a complete 180.
39. to run without holding my boobs (hah!)
40. for healthy skin.
41. for heathy teeth.
42. for everthing to be pretty much, healthy.
43. to know your independence. have a healthy relationship with both food and exercise.
45. to have no more 'fat days'.
46. to be known as the 'athletic girl next door'.
47. to drink water - not because you should, but because you enjoy it more than anything else.
48. to know that you're giving your body delicious, healthy, whole foods and it, in turn, is giving you all you need.
49. to jump up on a table and dance with no regrets (or fear of falling/breaking said table)
50. to be adventerous.
51. to travel without restrictions and make friends everywhere you go.
52. to enjoy all the goodness the world has to offer.
53. to be able to assist those in need whenever they need it and not when you're healthy.
54. to be "what you eat".
55. to have maintained for so long that it's just second nature.
56. to become a different, less judgemental human being. love without limits.
58. to change the world, one healthy bite at a time.
59. to be able to run with your dog/child without exhaustion and fatigue.
60. to be able to laugh off the small stuff.
61. to wake up at 5 am and look forward to going hard and going strong. know that that work out helped shape the good day ahead of you,
63. to smile at your surroundings.
64. to be able to enjoy nature that much more.
65. to wear that strapless dress and show the scars you used to fear so much, because you're a BAMF.
66. to be able to give advice, because you know that it worked for you.
67. to be able to say you pulled through it, even when times were tough and that white chocolate macadamia nut cookie was whispering your name seductively.
68. to not even WANT that stupid cookie.
69. to pass on dessert because you're satisfied and know that there will be other desserts.
70. to have dessert because it's something you really want and you don't need to feel guilty about endulging once in a while.
71. to eat because you're hungry, not because you're bored.
72. to not have to count calories, but to know your bodies restrictions and limits.
73. to know what helps you and to know what hinders you.
74. to forgive and forget those who made you feel awful.
75. to be a better person.
76. to be able to stay awake for 17 hours and not struggle to keep your eyes open.
77. to constantly have a bounce in your step.
78. to do something about the things that make you unhappy, not just let them happen to you.
79. to be able to mold your life into the life YOU want.
80. to be thanful for the person you once were, because they helped shape you into the person you are today.
81. to laugh at fear.
82. to laugh more, in general.
83. to be able to have a vacation planned and not buckle down on your diet and exercise regime.
84. to not pass judgements based on the way someone looks.
85. to feel a twinge of pride when you see a complete stranger going that extra mile for their health. be able to be polite to everyone you meet, no matter what.
87. to make new friends/exercise buddies.
88. to cut the 'fat' out of your life (all of it!)
89. to turn your current friends into fitness fiends.
90. to not constantly worry about how you look. run/box/bike when you're stressed, not stuff your face and cry about it. see 'small' (or medium, or large, or whatever size you want!) tags along your closet.
93. to love flaunting your hard earned assets.
94. to coloring in that calander because you were active every single day.
95. to live your life according to a nike motto.
96. to make your own damn dreams come true.
97. to motivate.
98. to inspire.
99. to know you're an amazing success no matter what age you are.
100. to be your very own inspiring, motivating, pinteresting, successful BAMF, because hey - you're your list of 100 reasons to lose weight. =)

let me know if you have anymore to add to that list! maybe we can get it to 1000!
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