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A good reason to walk!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This morning my husband asked me to drive to the garage in my car while he drove his to take his car in for repair. Don't be silly says I, you get back to those reports you're desperate to get finished and I will drive it in for you and walk the two miles back!

He thought I was being an angel! Not so, I had an ulterior motive!

Taking the car meant that I could get out of the office and have a nice morning walk before tackling some accounts. Added bonus is that I need not feel guilty about taking the time off to walk because I had a very good reason - I needed to get home from the garage.

This started me thinking, while walking! How silly is it to feel that we must have a good reason to go out and take a walk. Or worse even make up excuses for doing so! Surely the best reason on earth is the desire to lose weight and become fitter and healthier so we can enjoy a long life without burdening anyone else as we age.

What better way to pull yourself out of the doldrums when they strike than going for a good long walk? So its not just physical health we are working on when we walk, it is also our mental wellbeing too.

So, no more guilty walks for me - I'm going to be that angel my husband thought I was and look after myself so that others won't have to.

Walk with me along the path to health and happiness.

On my return home I decided that since we had almost run out of milk I could add on another half mile by going to the store - the store is in the opposite direction. I bought two 2 litre containers of milk and carried them home one in each hand, swinging them along like weights and feeling very good - by the time I got home my fingers were frozen and numb! I had to run hot water over them to get back the feeling but it was a most enjoyable walk and meditation.

Walk further and more often so that you can live and love longer. Start slowly until you feel you have the strength to go that little bit further or faster, don't stress and strain, take it easy - chill emoticon
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