My Staycation/deep clean (long and w/ pics)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last week I was on vacation, well staycation as I didn't go anywhere. I planned on spending time with my boys, friends and deep cleaning my house. I got all that I needed to accomplished!!
My week went like this:

Saturday was my long run day of 11 miles. I got up at 5 and met my friend Kris at 5:30 to try and beat the heat. We got started a little later than planned and she was having a hard time coming back to distance so we ended up doing a slow 10 miles which I was fine with. After my run I showered and took my boys to a friends birthday party and relaxed!

Sunday my oldest son Tyler and my hubby packed up and left for Scout camp. Mike was just staying the night but Ty was staying the week. After they left I took Austin and Riley bowling. We had a blast! My step sister and step mother were there and I ended up bringing home one of my nephews.
This is Austin in action! LOL!

When we got home I cleaned out my whole garage!! My neighbor thought we were moving out. lol!

Monday I took the boys to the Y pool so we could play in the water and I could get some sun and some laps in! We got there at 9am and stayed until 1 which was plenty of time to get some sun and fun in!

After lunch at home I started touch up painting my kitchen, living room and baseboards and got most of that finished except the white ended up not being white but a light blue so I needed more paint.

Tuesday we got more paint! I got white to do the baseboards and trim and I also picked up more for the boys rooms as they needed to be completely redone. That's boys for ya! LOL! I also went through each of the boys rooms, closets and dressers to purge any clothing that didn't fit or was worn out. I have a lot of school shopping to do!! That afternoon we went to the barn to wash my horse. My mom rode out there with me. I just love the barn we are at now! The people are so nice! I usually stay out there and chat forever! LOL!
The boys were obviously tired from playing and bored of my chatting. (Yes, there really is that much hay in my trunk)

Wednesday was a fun day! First off, I slept in! Riley joined me for a snuggle.

After a bit I went to see a friends new baby. He is such a doll! He is about 3 weeks old and weighs less than 8 pounds! It has been so long since I held a little baby as mine is now 7. I got to feed him and then he took a nice long nap on my shoulder. Such a sweetie!!

After our visit there we met Jeanine and Nora at Chuck E Cheese and had a blast! She is such a doll and turned it into a celebration for Austin's 11th birthday complete with a cake!

We stayed for hours chatting, laughing and having a good ol time while the kids sucked up tokens and had a blast!! Jeanine is EPIC emoticon
This is my favorite of Nora!

Thursday also ended up being a rest day! I like the rest days! The boys and I met Suezette at Cocoa beach for lunch and some sun. Suezette and I relaxed in the sun while the boys had a great time playing in the surf and sand.

I'm not really sure but I don't think you can tan through sand. lol!

When we got home my hubby was packing to head back to scout camp for a few days. I just hate when he isn't home!! The boys and I went to dinner to keep my mind off of him not being there.

Friday we were supposed to go to the beach with my mom and sister but that fell through. It's probably a good thing considering I was getting crispy.
We ended up going to the mall with my mom instead. We had a good time hanging out. I don't really have the average mom/daughter relationship with my mom so any time like this is pretty cool.
After the mall we went to home depot where I bought some flowers and pavers for the yard. Mom wanted no part in work so I dropped her off and I headed home to finish cleaning my house, back porch, lay my pavers and plant my pretty flowers. The boys and I went back out to the barn to visit sunny boy

We stayed until almost dark chatting and having a good time! The boys were playing on the golf cart and I was hanging with the barn crew and my horse. The sunset over the barn was beautiful!

On the way home we stopped at a local mexican restaurant for dinner and listened to the mariachi band play before heading home. After watching TV for a bit we all turned in and much to my surprise Mike and Ty came home a night early!! They got home just before we fell asleep which woke everybody back up but it was awesome to have my guys home!!

Saturday was trim the horses feet day and then headed to a kids bday party at the beach which lasted all day!! We unpacked all of the camping gear and finished up around the house.

Sunday was long run day again (yes I did get my maintenance mileage in during the week). I met Kris at 5am for 12 miles. It went great until mile 10 when tummy troubles started in and then the sun had come out and was brutal! I was glad to be finished! I got home, showered and the blow up water slide had arrived!! By 9am kids were already coming by to start Austin's bday party!
The rest of the guests arrived at 2. We had such a great time!! We had 17 kids to help celebrate, pizza, cake and tons of fun!
Some of the adults chilaxin' in the house.

With this many kids accidents are bound to happen and it did. One of the boys bounced right onto Riley's hand and fractured it. We hopefully get it casted tomorrow!! Despite that, we all had a fantastic time!

I had a great week off with my boys, friends and managed to get my house totally deep cleaned!! I am so excited! And exhausted!

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