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Oh spirulina, if you are so good for me, why do you taste so bad!! Any advice?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I was looking around Holland and Barratt (a chain health food store in the UK) because they had a sale on and came across spirulina. Once I'd read all the benefits I knew I had to buy some!

Benefits include being a great vegan source of protein, which includes all 8 amino acids; it helps you lose weight; has lots of vitamins and minerals; helps improve your skin; detoxify and so on. I had also read that it tastes bad but I did not realise how bad!! I tried mixing it with water alone but it was horrible. I added a bit to my post workout shake which included a banana and vanilla protein powder and didn't taste too bad. I can't have spiruina only with my workout shake and would prefer to have some every day (I only have post workout shakes when I strength train 3 x a week). I thought adding it to my morning porridge oats was a good but it made a meal I normally love and like to take my time over into an ordeal! Seriously, look at it!

It looks like creamy spinach soup! Which would have been lovely if it was that, but it wasn't! It took me ages to finish this because it was so bad!! I thought adding soya milk, spices like cinnamon and a banana would help but it just tastes to awful. The only way I can describe it is that it smells like a bathroom. Or some kind of bodily function. It is just...that...bad! So how do you guys take it? Anyone thinks it has helped them improve in weightloss / skin in anyway or is it just hype?
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    I wonder if it tastes like seaweed? I love nori!
    2451 days ago
    emoticon Yes it is pretty nasty. I prefer chlorella tablets which are just as healthy. You chew them and they are not too bad. Someone compared eating them to popcorn. Not quite popcorn in my book but not bad either.
    2451 days ago
    LOL! Amazing what we do to reach our health and fitness goals!

    2452 days ago
    Here in the US there is a protein powder shake called Spiru-tein. Its vegetarian and comes in a million flavors. You might want to see if you can get it. Certainly it'll be available online if not carried in stores by you. Besides having spirulina, it has rice and pea protein and tastes really good. You don't notice the spirulina unless you get the banana flavor (which is very good) but you'll notice it has a slight green tinge when mixed, and if you premix your shake it gets greener over time. Good luck emoticon
    2452 days ago
    They do come in pill form. Just look around for them.
    2452 days ago
    Who said the taste was BAD? You have programmed yourself to eat sweet or something wrong or tainted is assumed. Savory is a whole food flavor section that has valid taste bud hits with your tongue. You would miss that hit in a favorite flavor if it was not there.

    The soft teaspoon of honey can influence satisfaction or a texture change from smooth to crunch, hot to cold or lost in a volume of starch and gravy. A table spoon of Yuk can be dressed in a boutique of light salt water in a fast swallowing broth or bowl of soup. Blend a sauce with this added gradually a little bit per serving over days until you willingly adapt. Abort this idea of you know you will NEVER adapt.

    It sounds like instant flavor force will lose every time. Gentle persuasion to your new insights of pallet maturing require slow step by step habit change; much like a martini, no one likes a martini but adapt and the mind body and taste buds accept the alteration done gradually. This awareness can help change in other areas of stubbornness and habit rearranging. Sprinkle that weird green powder into the salad dressing you already love. Add on to salsa chutney or other veggie dominating flavor you like

    This is strong soap and water for the liver. Too much too fast can result in diarrhea and overall body ouch. Slow and steady is usually guided and 10 days on and some days off then done again may help to ensure comfort with less ouch. Some people do this effort seasonally to clear out toxins and fortify immune system for weather shifting. We become better stress and flu fighters for it.

    Also check the expiration date. It may be old or heat damaged.

    I am not a doctor just someone with a little experience. I am delighted that you are trying!

    Ps if all else fails park it in a capsule and swallow beyond the tongue. Your body will love it.

    2452 days ago
    Skip the supplement. For starters, many of the claims are false; no single product will make you lose weight when you do nothing different. It just doesn't work that way. Not to mention, you can't "detox" your body by eating certain things, or eating a certain way. Our bodies don't work like that.

    If you hate it that much, for the love of all that's holy, stop eating it! You don't *have* to eat any one thing, and there's nothing that this provides that you can't get elsewhere.

    If you absolutely have to have it in spite of all that, take the tablets. No sense in choking down something you don't like.
    2452 days ago
    I use the Spirolina cold tablets from Hawaii Pacifica. I don't know if they work as well but that is one way to get past the taste. When I saw that David Wolfe listed it as a Super Food, I had to try it.
    2452 days ago
    But that's how it works, isn't it? Everything you add it to tastes so foul, you stop eating.

    Okra has the same effect.
    2452 days ago
    I know you may not believe me, but I am getting use to the taste! I ONLY put it in smoothies, though! Trader Joe's has a product called VERY green Drink. I like it the best! Not sure if you get Trader Joe's in the UK. Good luck! Oh! Another way is to put it into casuals, from the health food store. I REALLY do feel it is worth it!
    2452 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    wow that looks gross.

    You have won a emoticon for eating your breakfast
    2452 days ago
    I drink it in a Kombucha beverage
    2453 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Quite honestly that stuff looks awful!
    I am all for becoming healthier but if it is a struggle to consume then I say ditch the product for something else!

    2453 days ago
  • SKATER787
    I would dump the crap. There is a possibility of BMAA neurotoxins in blue green algae. Spirulina manufacturers will claim that their products are safe. But why bother when you can take broccoli and kale for greens? That's more than good enough. Another popular supplement among mixed martial arts people is shark cartilage which is also high in mercury and BMAA. Do a search on that and you'll find research done earlier this year out of University of Miami about sharks and BMAA. Here is a utube video talking about BMAA and blue green algae. Good luck.
    2453 days ago

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