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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Like the Pied Piper or Christian Grey, TV has a way of seducing me into submission. It boggles my mind. I mean, I'm an educated woman with some common sense, so why am I so easily influenced?

A few months ago, I was sitting in front of the TV, just minding my own biz, when I was confronted by an informercial. It promised that if I sprinkled this magic dust on my food, I'd lose 30 lbs. in three months. What? Seriously?! Of course I want that! And out came the credit card (which I fear might have its own dark magical powers).

Just three weeks ago and weighing no less by the way, I was entranced by that spiky-haired sorcerer, Guy Fieri, on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," and immediately--I mean with the quickness!--I grabbed my skinny sister and went out for a burger and blue cheese chips.

A week later, I'm watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" with this Australian dude touting that if I can just give up food and only drink vegetable juice for 15 days, all of my prayers will be answered. Sounds good to me! Fifteen days? I can do that! Right away, I ordered a juicer online and accompanied my mother on her weekly farmers market trip. I was fired up and ready to go. I had all the good intentions in the world. But why does green juice have to taste so bad? Why can't it taste like a margarita? Can't carrot/apple/ginger taste like a strawberry daquiri? Apparently not. My juicer sits patiently on the counter, gathering dust and hoping not to be put back in the box.

Just this past week, I watched both "Forks Over Knives" and "Fat Head," documentaries that taught me that I should either give up meat products altogether or eat more McDonald's. Both methods worked to get people healthy. One seems a lot more appealing...

So what have I really learned from all of my studies (re: couch potatoness)? Two things. First, I need to stop watching so much television--informational or not. I need to get up, get out, get exercising, get things done. Second, I need to find balance. I need to follow a plan I can live with for the long haul. I need to stop looking for a short-term miracle solution. I need to use common sense. I know what my body needs, so I need to stop paying attention to everything I see advertised.

Don't even get me started on Chuck Norris and that contraption of his.
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  • TIG123GER
    Absolutely hilarious and SO true! I don't know how many infomercials have sucked me in over the years and how many I have fought off at the last minute. If only TV could be used for good.....
    2625 days ago
    I actually bought a juicer too. I liked my juice and it did make me feel better....I just don't have the half hour it takes to clean up! Great blog!

    2631 days ago
    I got sucked in with the Brazilian butt butt is no smaller or sitting any higher than it was before I started. I did hear from a friend of mine that she loves her INSANITY workout....I'm still skeptical.
    Just add a little malibu to the carrot/apple/ginger juice and it would be perfect emoticon
    2631 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Ah, if only it were that easy, but then we would all be skinny and we wouldn't need all that stuff. I've tried different things in my day including surgery but the only thing that ever worked was a health diet and good exercise. drats
    2631 days ago
    When I first started, I swore that I wouldn't fall prey to any gimmicks. Then along came the 17-Day Diet. It seems so normal. So helpful. 30 pounds gained later (it caused me to crave sugar in a way I never have before, and still haven't gotten over) it is the biggest mistake I've made with weight loss. I also almost ordered Sensa, but I didn't like the fact that they send you the second month supply along with the first, and you have to pay the send the second month back if you don't want to be charged for it. So it's back to just hard work and smart healthy cooking for me.

    A juicer, you say...
    2631 days ago
    That last line made me giggle emoticon

    I am the same way! There's not much I love more in this world than TV. Except for maybe eating cake while watching TV. I've spent my adult life looking for those short term fixes ... I finally feel like I am making a life change!

    And oh boy, if only that carrot/apple/ginger concoction was a strawberry daquiri ... that would be the best solution yet!
    2631 days ago
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