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Wow. More information uncovered today about foods that can be an issue for me

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

There is so much information on this site, it's amazing. And eye opening. Now I know why they took away so much of what I ate for this cleansing diet.

To summarize:

1. Sugars
I have already sworn off these nasty things. I am sticking with my stevia, black strap molasses, agave nectars, and brown rice syrup. They don't have the severe effects on my emotions that processed sugars have been having.

2. Common Cooking Oils
For the most part, I've changed to extra virgin olive oil. But we still deep fry some things, and are using canola oil. I might have to look into other oils, or cut out the deep frying almost all together

3. Trans Fats
I don't do margarines, haven't in a long time. Or vegetable shortening. I'll have to watch labels to avoid partially hydrogenated oils or vegetable shortening. I've pretty much given up on processed foods. There are a few I still have on a rare occasion.

4. Dairy
This one I'm struggling with. I love my cheeses, including cottage cheese. I have given up milks - I switched to soy and will likely stay there. I don't eat yogurts - they seem to disagree with my body. I guess I'll have to really test these cheeses to see if I react to them. I really don't know what to substitute cheese with. Hmmm

5. Feedlot- Raised meat
I don't eat pork at all anymore. I do love my beef and chicken. Maybe I'll have to look at organic free range meats. I have switched to bison and lamb for my cleansing diet, but I can't afford to keep that up for long. Wow. I might actually not be able to afford to eat at this rate. Wow.

6. Red Meat and Processed Meat
I am already avoiding processed meats. I do love my beef though. The problem is, if I cut it back to once a week, what do I replace it with? I know I can get protein from beans, etc. But it just doesn't seem to cut it. I do prefer chicken and love fish too. So maybe I can cut my beef back to at most 2x/week.

I don't know. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by all of this. Especially for a long term nutritional change.

7. Alcohol
No problem. I've never been a big drinker, and now with needing to cut out refined sugars, I'm done with it. I still haven't figured out what I will do for the occassional drink I want to have. I'm still figuring that one out. I don't like wine, so...

8. Refined grains.
Haven't had much of them in years. I don't eat wheat, oats, rye, barley. I don't like white rice. So this one is all good.

9. Artificial food additives
I've had to cut them out with my gluten free diet anyway, so no biggie here either.

10. Fill in the blank
I'm doing this as I go along. I know I can't eat pork.

Wow. There is so much to consider with all of this. I guess I really do need to go back on the cleansing diet and really test some foods.

I guess I still really don't know how to fuel my body.
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    I cook with coconut oil (i like the nutiva organic extra virgin variety--I buy it in huge jars) and regular olive oil. I use EVOO for salads, also avocado oil and walnut oil. I've cut out all the seed oils.

    I also use good old fashioned butter. Organic, but it's the real deal full fat butter.

    Meats: I think it's fine to eat chicken and fish if that's what you prefer. Cold water, wild caught fish is best in terms of nutrients and environmental sustainability, but can be rather spendy unless you've got a good source. Same with organic grass fed meats and such. Not cheap at all!

    Can you eat eggs? Good quality free range eggs can be had at good prices.

    I can't be of much help with cheese....I'm lactose intolerant, so can't really eat it.

    I will say I personally wouldn't go down the path of all these highly processed vegetarian/vegan friendly foods. Tofu in itself is an extremely processed food, and that's without it being turned into mayo and fake dairy/meat products.

    You can make your own mayo at home (assuming you are ok with eggs). It's real easy and I think tastes better than the store bought variety.
    2085 days ago
  • SHADOW38
    BlueRose - we use extra virgin olive oil to deep fry potatoes and we like it. Just thought I'd mention it since its a "good" oil. I've read that canola oil can increase inflammation. Thanks for sharing the link.
    2088 days ago
    2088 days ago
    I did a spark search for a thread on cheese substitutes - I was interested because it is my husbands downfall.

    Here are the few notes I gleamed from it:

    There's a book called "The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook" by Jo Stepaniak. The book is vegan and very food-allergy friendly.

    If you mash up tofu, add some olive oil, salt and herbs you like, you've got a perfect ricotta replacement in pizzas, stuffed shells, lasagna...

    Tofutti makes a vegan cream cheese, too.

    Silk makes a soy yogurt that is pretty good.

    Vegenaise (for mayonnaise). The stuff is indistinguishable from quality mayo.

    Earth Balance (for butter). This is especially nice on toast.

    Soy Dream (for ice cream). Give me this over Ben & Jerry's any day!

    Hope something here can help.
    2088 days ago
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