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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Friends...

I want to thank those of you who send kind words, prayers, thoughts and more the other day when I posted that ever so gloomy blog. Sometimes things just have to be let out or you explode. So I did. *HUGS* to you all, my SP and FB friends and family are very special to me, and have been there many times when others have not, you are all appreciated so much!

After that blog, I barely slept, then had a conversation with my best friend the next morning... it was deep and I want to share a small piece of the conversation:

Me: So how do you see through the clouds? (a referral toward my deep depression that I have been battling for months now)
B: Everyone loses their way in life sometimes, you use a compass...
Me: Oh really, and what is MY compass?
B: Zach, and me, and Travis...

I spent the day thinking about that, and wrote the following...

My Compass

When life is bleak and dreary
And you just can't see the sun
Look around yourself and know
That life has just begun
It's not that the sun is not there
When you can't see nothing but the clouds
That's when you search the space around you
And find what's round about
The people who love and need you
The reason for life to live
Become the compass you need
When you can't find it in yourself to give
So keep your eyes toward the sky
The sun will soon return
But never forget those that are there
When things seem too hard to earn

-Katherine E. Groves

In the last few days since then, I have managed, (from somewhere), to find some strength and peace.

I have no choice, if I do not, I will just lay down and cease to exist, for me, that is NO option...

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