Door County Day four

Monday, July 30, 2012

Well today was an okay day. It was a little uneventful. I woke up and had a whole wheat english muffin with a butter substitue and strawberry jam and a peach on the side. We then walked to a new (to us) coffee shop in SIster Bay. I had a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese. I felt as though I over-ate. After that we walked back to the lodge. I had been feeling very tired and crabby. I was snapping at my parents and could feel me not being myself. Not all of it was my fault though, I was feeling as though my mom was being very negative and being very critical of everything I was doing. After going for coffee we were going to be going to go miniature golf, but I was tired so I stayed behind in the room and my parents went by themselves. I drank one of my dad's diet sodas because I wanted to wake up and needed the caffeine. It felt like giving up a little bit because I had not had a soda since joining SP. I know I need to move past it though, as it was only one soda and I can drink one occasionally without getting addicted again. I watched the second episode of project runway when my parents were gone and finished off the licorice that I had bought yesterday at the candy store. I wanted candy really bad because the episode's challenge was the unconventional one and was in a candy store. I had a skinny cow ice cream bar too.

After my parents came back I was still feeling crappy. I had it out a little bit with my mom. We discussed our feelings and I realized why I was feeling the way I was, it was PMS. I was crying and felt bored and stuck in the room. after that my parents went to workout and afterward went to the pool. I stayed behind in the room and laid in bed. I watched a good movie and I started to feel better. It was almost 5:00 by then and we went to go out to eat early. We went to the Gibraltar Grill for dinner. I had not had lunch today, so I ordered fettucini Alfredo. For an appetizer we had guacamole, artichoke dip and bruchetta. it was a combo appetizer and it was really good. After dinner we went to JoJo's and had gelatto for dessert. We went back to the lodge and it started to pour right after we got to our room. Right now we are watching the olympics and I am eating popcorn. I think that tomorrow will be a better day. yes I overate, but like I have said before, I am on vacation and it is not the end of the world. I just have to stay on top of my hormones and not let them destroy my vacation. I didn't work out today, but I did walk a little bit. I can always work out tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we have a very packed day planned. For breakfast we are going to Al Johnson's for breakfast. They have goats on the roof and are known for their swedish pancakes. I am planning on having them with a side of fruit. I am worried that I am starting to eat too much, but I have been making good decisions and will be having a sandwich for dinner and I don't know what I am doing about lunch. We are planing on going to hands on art studio durring the day. It is a really cool art studio in a barn that you can make stuff at. at night tomorrow we are going to see the musical Chicago at peninsula state players. They are a great theater that puts on great plays. I love Chicago, it is one of my favorite musicals, and I can't wait. On Wednesday we are planning on doing the bike trail that I had conquered on Saturday. My parents aren't giving me a reward this time, but I am not as afraid because I did it before and it is not as scary.

Well even though I had a bad day, I will try and not let it get me down, I am on vacation after all. There is no sense in worrying about today after it is over, because all I can do now is look forward and try and enjoy my time that I have left here.
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    2087 days ago
    I know you are not at home but there are better choices to be made.
    Are posting all the food you eat. I found that it kept me honest and in reality.
    I know if i can afford a cheat or just pass on it.
    This is an article that helped me when I was getting started.
    Give small changes consistently preformed a chance..

    emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    Sorry you had a crummy day, but good for you for keeping it in perspective!

    2089 days ago
    I'm sorry that you had a bad day. I keep reading that as long as you take 1 step back and 2 steps forward, you're still making progress! Maybe you can workout today and have a salad for lunch. And like you said, you are on vacation, it's okay to cut yourself a break. Are you tracking your food? My goals for this week are to just track all my food, exercise and drink 8 cups of water, I like having small, achievable goals.

    2089 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear you had a rough day. Show yourself some compassion then recommit yourself to your goals. One bad hour doesn't have to derail an entire day just as one bad day doesn't have to derail your week or your whole journey.

    There's one positive to consider: you recognized that you weren't making the better choices as much as you would have on another day. Realizing the problem will give you the opportunity to plan for a different outcome in the future. When you know TOM is coming you can plan and prepare for it. You can also talk to your doctor about it and see if s/he has any ideas how to make it easier on you. One suggestion I have is to try to cut back on sodium for the few days before your TOM is due to start. That will help ease the cramping some and help reduce fluid buildup.

    I hope tomorrow is easier on you and you can get back to enjoying your vacation.
    2090 days ago
    Yes, put it behind you. You can't get it back and don't feel guilty about it. It happened. Enjoy your vacation. Try not to go too crazy on the eating, gain a little back,don't totally abandon trying to eat right.
    2090 days ago
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