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Injury = MORE Working Out???

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Monday, July 30, 2012

OK, first things first...yesterday I did the Olympic Workout, Day 2. I actually stayed up for the entire prime time broadcast last night and ended up getting a total of 50 minutes of strength training in. Here's the breakdown of what I did between 8pm and 11pm:

60 seconds high knees
30 tricep dips
45 supermans
20 mountain climbers
50 squats
30 bicep curls
20 reverse crunches
10 push-ups
3 (yes, THREE) 60-second planks (UGGGHHH!!!)
45 second wall sit
30 seconds of punches
10 bridges

I was pretty beat by 11pm. In fact, I snored all night because I slept so heavily (my husband had to keep shaking me awake). HAHA!

This morning you KNOW I was feeling it! I had to get up early, though, and head to physical therapy.

This therapy session was specifically for my posterior tibial tendon, which my ortho says is too weak to support my running. I met with my good old Physical Therapist, Tom (who taught me how to walk for the second time after my awful accident two years ago).

Honestly, I had considered skipping this appointment today because I thought, "Surely, there is nothing Tom can do for me until the MRI comes back Thursday. This will be a waste of time."

SO glad I went. Tom is just BRILLIANT, folks! He taught me more about my body and running in 20 minutes than I've learned in the past few weeks as I've devoured over 40 issues of Runner's World Magazine!

I was really touched at how very excited he was to hear about my running and my weight loss. He was genuinely proud of me and he told everyone else in the office how well I was doing and reminded them of my accident two years ago. It was very sweet. And it made me feel pretty great. He also helped me to understand how my body absorbs the shock of my extra weight when I run. And, I can't believe I never thought about this...but, as I have an extra 80 lbs or so on a normal runner, I am obviously going to break down running shoes faster. He suggested I purchase a new pair, with guidance from the experts at the running store. I could have been offended, but honestly...it was like, "DUH!!! Of COURSE my extra weight is going to affect my shoes more." Just this one piece of information was SO HELPFUL!

Then, he showed me how my right ankle does not have the range of motion that it needs to run correctly. I was, frankly, shocked. I hadn't realized there was so vast a difference between the work my left and right ankles were doing during a long run. Wow.

He showed me two stretching exercises that will help me gain more motion in my right ankle and will make my tendon and smaller muscles stronger so I can run with less pain.

Oh man...I could have kicked myself, you guys! Why? Because my wonderful trainer (ON2VICTORY) has been telling me to do these exact stretches for MONTHS now! And I didn't listen to him!!! Geez!

I got the all clear from Tom to do any exercise except running (or anything that involves my foot pounding on the ground) and I am scheduled to go back a few times for follow-up and functional strengthening. As he walked me to the check-out desk, we passed my ortho and Tom said to him, "I think we're gonna win this one!" I can't even tell you how encouraging that was to hear!!! I could have cried!

So, now I have the MRI on Wednesday and will meet with Dr. Reeves on Thursday to discuss the findings from that.

But that's not all!!! I immediately left that office and went to the gym and cranked out 30 mins on the elliptical (harder on my quads than I remember...good workout) and 30 minutes on the stationary recumbant bike (now THAT was a killer workout!) Burned about 300 calories and felt wonderful getting a good sweat going. Not the SAME as running, obviously...but it was nice to be able to DO something.

I'll be doing the Olympic Workout again tonight. I am in much better spirits now and I am a little in awe of the fact that I am now doing MUCH MORE exercise now that I'm injured than I was doing before...when I was running 20 miles per week. I'm pretty sure I'm going to mark that as a success!!!
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