Another "no calorie, natural" sweetener has launched (again...)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hmmm.... First - as someone who tries to follow a Paleo diet, I try to avoid processed foods and have moved away from all sweeteners (both those considered natural and artificial). Second, I'm not interested in all the marketing hype -- so Buyer, Beware.

Be SMART my fellow Spark family. If you utilize artificial sweeteners, then now you know there is a new one you may want to try. If you believe in "whole foods", and avoid processed foods, etc. - then don't be fooled by the latest claims of this being an "all natural" product. It HAS been PROCESSED because it is not a pretty powder (or crystal or whatever) form in nature...

Fruit is the perfect packaging for natural sugars because it contains the correct balance of water, fiber, and other nutrients to ensure your body can handle processing it. So if I want something sweet, I'll just continue to grab a nice ripe piece of fruit!

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