Choose you THIS day what you will eat because your tomorrow depends on it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I was on a social media site today and I ran across this. It's impact stopped me in my tracks because it reminded me of the changes I made in 2010 and the changes I've made ever since with my eating. I remember my nutritionist at the time telling me that I'll have to change the way I eat and how as I get older, I'll have to continue to change from time to time to suit my nutritional needs as I age. I remember thinking that this wouldn't work where I'm from (Tennessee) because we LOVE to eat comfort foods. Honestly, I don't think I've met a Tennessean who lacked the ability to create a comfort food out of anything edible. If I have, they are apart of the younger generation and it seems that they don't cook at all. But I digress...

Food is a huge part of this weight loss journey. I can do all the workouts in the world for as long as I desire but if what I eat isn't healthy, it will do nothing for me. It will stagnate my progress and will start to diminish my desire to continue on this journey. From there, due to a lack of motivation, I'll quit. That's all. Just quit. Sad thing is it all starts from me not changing my diet to suit my actions. This is the exact reason for me not losing significant weight earlier in my life. I would work out but I wouldn't eat correctly at all. I had been known to work out diligently for 30 minutes, build up a good sweat and all, and because I was hungry after the work out (which is normal for many people because of blood sugar), I'd drive through the nearest fast-food restaurant and order something I thought would be healthy off the menu. There were many times where I'd go through Mickey D's and get a grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing, yogurt and a bottled water thinking it's all healthy for me. I did that until I ran across a study that showed many salads having more calories and saturated fat than the burgers they served. So, I started getting the burgers. From there, I'd weigh myself. Over a month, I'd lose 3 - 4 pounds and because that was in the safe zone, I made myself satisfied. Eventually I wasn't losing that and I started to get discouraged, blamed my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and one of it's symptoms is the ability to gain weight easily and difficulty to lose it), and I quit. That's how I got up to the 338 pounds. Not for the lack of movement, but for the lack of changing what I eat.

Now that I understand this concept about myself, I choose foods that help me to live my best life. Foods that know something about life because they lived too. What helped me to understand this concept is when I was asked two simple questions: how do you grow an apple tree and how do you grow a MSG/Caramel Color/insert whatever processed chemical one can find in foods today. We all know the answers to both questions and for that reason, we must choose on today what we are going to put in our bodies because our tomorrow certainly depends on it. For example, there are many foods that cure things within our bodies faster and better than any medicine ever could. Find them here: www.catalogs.com/info/he
This must be true because the man, of which the Hippocratic Oath derived its name, Hippocrates, said it best himself, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food."

We can definitely all change something about what we're eating whether it's the type, the quality or the quantity. What can you change? Strive to make one change to your diet this week. Who knows, it may be the very thing that will jump start your weight loss, push you off that plateau or be the key difference in your stamina when you workout.

Until next time, stay motivated!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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    We have to trust in the Lord fo help us and give us syrength to complete our mission.
    3185 days ago
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