I Can, I Will, I Did, I TRI-ed!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yesterday was my first ever Sprint Triathalon and....I DID IT!

Flashback to a few weeks ago. I'd been doing my training. Not as extensive as I would have liked but was getting in several weekly swims and walks (mostly 5ks). Biking hadn't gone so well. About three weeks before the event I went with my 19yo daughter, Alex, and several other ladies to do the whole trail. It went well and then got off the bike and walked 1.5 miles. Everything A-OK. The next morning my tailbone THROBBED! I've dealt with a cyst on my tailbone since I was 18. It comes and goes and thankfully has been hidden for several years. I think the ride aggravated it. I did not get back on a bike for several weeks, was not even sure if I was going to do the biking portion because I could barely sit on my nice soft sofa. Knowing that there were two miles of offroad trails, Ouch, just the thought hurt!

Last week was absolutely crazy! Family came in from out of town (definitely threw me off training), my, now 14yo, daughter had her birthday with friend party and sleepover and my husband and 16yo and 17 yo sons left for Anaheim for a basketball tournament.

My daughter and I went to the mandatory meeting the night before the big event. Nerves were already going but we caught the fever as we mingled with the 260+ women who would be participating and finally received our packets and swim times. My daughter and I were thrilled to find out we'd been assigned the same pool and time and even the exact same lane!

Sleep did not happen as much as I wanted. Woke up at 5 but climbed out of bed at 5:45 (15 minutes before alarm went off). Once we showed up at the pool and watched the first heat swim and visited with the other swimmers for our heat I started to relax. The swimming portion was a tad frustrating for me. There were four swimmers in our lane, it slowed me down.

Next was cycling. Worried about my tailbone but decided to do it! Found out they had formed a second trail, one that was two miles shorter without the offroad. I chose that route since I really wanted to finish all three events. I'm so glad I did! The first loop around KILLED me. My legs hurt, my cardio was effected and my behind hurt SO BAD it brought tears to my eyes. There is NO CRYING in TRIs I told myself. I would NOT let the tears drop out! I told myself I could stop in a certain spot on the second loop. Bad mistake. Trying to get off my seat was a bad decision, my body was paralyzed with pain. After climbing back on the bike I told myself to peddle faster. Faster meant I'd finish sooner and that I'd be able to give my behind relief! Besides the tailbone issue I really enjoyed the biking. Something I haven't done since I was little.

As I jumped off my bike a volunteer came and took my bike and I went off on the 5k. I had no vision of jogging any of it and I didn't. But I was extremely proud of myself. I passed many walkers but no walkers passed me! Although I was passed several times my joggers!

It was so exciting to come to the finish line and to know I had done it!

I enjoyed watching some of the extremely fit women do their events, very motivating! It reminded me of what the human body CAN look like and what we CAN do. I have obviously not fulfilled all I can with the body God has given me. It's up to me to change it.

My weight loss and fitness was severly thrown offtrack in April and I haven't quite found my way back. I've gained weight back and actually did the Tri weighing 299.2. Many of the women (and volunteers) were shocked to find out I was doing all 3 events. Some only did one, others two. I needed to do all 3 to prove something to myself. So glad I did!

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