Sunday, July 29, 2012

I was really mindful of the things I chose to do this week. I was mindful of the time I spent on the hojillion projects I had going on at school and organized them well. I made lists, I prioritized what I was doing, and I didn't multitask, which is huge for me. I get distracted pretty easily. I even said "no" when some asked for help when I was in the middle of something...and no one got angry, which is sup rising... I was able to get a ton of things done, and except for a few little things, my classroom is ready to go. I'll have some planning to do, but I have an idea of what I want to teach...

Here are pics of my classroom...not the corner where my desk is tho--that still needs a little work.

I was mindful of how I chose to approach people...and which people I chose to spend my time with. Tuesdays are still causing me anxiety, but I realized that I run with Quinn's for ME...not for anyone else's benefit. I can choose to wog...or flat walk it...or I can choose to run...or a mixture of all of it. I can choose to be the entertainment director for everyone, or I can choose to just enjoy all the people I know who go and not be bothered with others get angry or upset that they aren't the focus of my attention. It doesn't have to be an anxiety causing event.

I was mindful in the meetings I chose to have with others who came to school to work in their rooms. My director and I work well together, bouncing ideas off of one another and preparing things together. She likes knowing that someone else knows what her vision for things is, and I like being part of that. I hate the unknown. It lowers my anxiety level (yeah..I have an anxiety's not as bad as it was, but it's still around.) and I feel empowered and more confident when I speak to others. I need that. I know too that I can go to her with issues or concerns and she doesn't think I'm nuts. I chose who to meet with last week...and kept to mostly school related stuff that we needed to hash out. And we planned meetings with others deliberately for specific purposes...and that made me so happy, I cannot even begin to explain. We have an amazing staff. I love everyone I work with. But I want to really be able to tap into the skills and knowledge that they have so that I can grow as an educator and teacher leader. I don't ever want to be that teacher who says "well, this is how I do it and I'm not changing."

I was mindful this week in what I did for myself. I ran twice, and went to yoga three times...and went to a meditation after my Wednesday practice which was fantastic. I did it for me. I chose to be there and to challenge myself and have fun with it. Brad was really supportive...he always is with stuff like that even if he thinks it's silly (and he does think yoga is silly, but he sees how happy I am afterwards and how relaxed I get when I practice regularly, and THAT makes a big impact on his opinion...he'll never deny me what makes me feel good...) During the meditation, which lasted a half hour and felt like five minutes, I let my mind empty...and that was amazing... I didn't think. I didn't worry...I didn't.. anything.

After the yoga sessions, I felt like jello...and taller (I always feel taller), but I noticed that I held myself differently as I left each class...I walked out standing straighter with no effort. I looked more confident...I FELT strong. Yoga isn't easy...people say but oh it's just stretching, but no...really...that's just a small piece of it. Holding a pose and being conscious of where your feet are and how your hands are placed to best hold your weight is challenging. I love how I feel afterwards...

I was mindful in what I ate and whether or not I was actually hungry. I can't say I ate really well, but I was conscious of what I was eating, and why I chose to eat it. Two more days till payday and I can go get some other foods... I'm going to cook a little with some things I have left today, and only get veggies when I go to the store...the salad fixings I have in the fridge are kinda..icky.. I hate that it doesn't last longer.

I was mindful in when I went to bed and what I did beforehand. I started listening to a guided meditation late in the week and can't seem to make it through it..I fall asleep pretty quick...but...I wake up a lot more relaxed and refreshed, so maybe there's something subconscious going on. I dunno.

Last night I drove up the hill and had "date night" with Brad. We didn't go anywhere, but it was nice to just hang out and be together. I love that we fall into a pattern when we're at "home" together...depending on whose house we are in, one of us cooks, the other cleans up, whoever isn't cooking sets the table and gets drinks made... Even in the morning there's ritual... He gets me coffee and brings it upstairs, I make him breakfast before I leave to come back down here... It's familiar... I wish it was everyday (and there wasn't a drive anywhere else after), but this'll do for now. I feel content and happy. I finally told my mother that I just stay up there and surprisingly she didn't have a fit. Even if I'm NOT drinking wine with dinner, driving that pass at night sucks. Much more pleasant to do it early in the morning...

So this week, my goal is to continue being mindful in what I choose. It'll be interesting because we are starting back this week with professional development and meetings, and all but a few of us have yet to do anything to their classrooms...their stress level will be huge...and mine will not because of the choices I made in the past few weeks. I have a yoga class planned tonight and the description is "60 minutes of vinyasa followed by 30 minutes of restorative yoga to balance the mind, body, and spirit." This is exactly what I need to start my week off well.
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  • TMCK-40
    Mindful! I love it. I have no doubt that this week will go great. I have been meaning to do the Quinn's walk/run but I am just so far north. Have an incredible week.
    2096 days ago
  • TMCK-40
    Mindful! I love it. I have no doubt that this week will go great. I have been meaning to do the Quinn's walk/run but I am just so far north. Have an incredible week.
    2096 days ago
    You sound so peaceful! I love how being mindful is helping you to be balanced and constant. :)
    2097 days ago
    I love you classroom! You are starting the year off right!
    2097 days ago
    I felt myself relaxing as I read thru your choice journey. You are choosing what is good and right for you. emoticon I look forward to hearing about your year and how it proceeds compared to past years. You are in a noble profession and deserve lots of self-care for all you offer to others.
    Role modeling this self-care is a bonus you can offer your students. Your lucky, lucky students! Have a awesome year!
    2097 days ago
    mindfulness is such a wonderful tool once you get it. i am 52 years and this is the first time i have been inspired and motivated on self presevation. i am new to sp and for those that are new as well i have found such a wealth of info here on sp it helps me stay mindful not of the weight loss but the kind of nutrition i am eating.

    2097 days ago
    Yeah for mindfulness! It's such a hard thing to master - being here and now! Sounds like it is going to help out at school a lot. I find myself consciously breathing through the stress and anger when I'm at school. I can't believe that you are back at school already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nd I"m so glad that you found yoga! It is so much more than stretching. I love the jello feeling at the end where your body is just at peace!

    Yeah you! I hope this school year goes really well!
    2097 days ago
    you are balanced.
    2097 days ago
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