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Sunday, July 29, 2012

It is sunday here in Australia and I had a big weekend. On Friday night I stopped in to the pub on the way home to see my hubby who was there with his mates. He told me to have a beer. I had had a hard day so I did. It went down so good I ended up having another. So what happened was I got the taste for it and then of course wanted to go out. So I headed home got dolled up and hit the town. It was really fun I just danced and danced like I always do. I was in the zone. My hubby does not dance but he did this night. He must have had a few too many. We had the best fun.... The next day is not so much fun though. I was so tired and hungover We had to take my youngest to his footy game at 10:30 Luke ended up going home he didn't feel well. So I sat back in the car and watched him play. I also felt like something greasy so I had a cheese burger and fries as well as a choc thickshake. Great remedy. Not so much. Anyway I haven't eaten badly all weeks so I ate badly all day yesterday. Not today though. I am still tired but we got up and went to my eldest boys footy game. I could smell the fries, pies steak sandwiches and I refrained. We left and went home where I have been cleaning and I though oh I haven't done my insanity today. (I really didn't feel in the mood either) But I told myself. NO you HAVE to otherwise I will just feel like poo. Well in I go and worked hard. I did cardio and Resistance. But I feel really good about doing it. Its like the saying goes. You will never feel guilty about exercising but you will about missing a workout. So true. Well I have worked out eaten well because I had a little talking to myself. Thank you Me.....
Some inspiring pics.

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