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Dragging My Feet to Slow Those Circles Down - Workout Music Quiz #6

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"...And the Seasons, They Go Round and Round,
And the Painted Ponies to Up and Down.
We're Captives on the Carousel of Time.
We Can't Return; We Can Only Look
Behind From Where We Came,
And Go Round and Round and Round
In The Circle Game...".

Whoa summer is totally flying by! It's almost August. Susan and I have figured out that we have NO remaining free weekends before Labor Day on which to plan day-long family activities with both kids. Something is happening on at least part of each one, for at least one of us. There is so much more I want to accomplish this summer, and like Joni Mitchell prophetically sang many years ago, my flaps are full-down as I drag my feet to slow the circles down!

When I run for President, my platform will be simple. As a quintessential summer guy, I will seek constitutional amendments to assure the following provisions of federal law:

1. No school before Labor Day
2. No school after Memorial Day
3. No professional sports other than baseball between those holidays.
4. Memorial Day moves back to the last weekend in April!
5. Labor Day moves up to the first Monday in October!

Now you have to agree that those sound simply great! I suppose I'll need platform elements about boring things like budgets, the economy, foreign policy, social issues, etc. But don't you think I've have the support of just about every 12-year-old? I still am 12 in many ways (as all of you know if you but stop and think about it)...

Back on March 7 and periodically since though not recently (and at a far earlier stage of ill-deserved Sparky fame) , I blogged about how I find the intrinsically boring activity of working out, well, boring if done in silence. For me, having music that motivates me (and that I like) is simply everything about a successful workout.

Those five prior blogs presented some workout music that I like, and presented a game wherein songs and artists could be guessed. Many songs remain un-guessed from the first five blogs; check them and see if you know any.

Since then, I have concluded that I am right under the fat part (pun intended) of the bell curve of the Sparky demographics. If I know the songs and remember them, you should too. Most of you, anyway.

As I also first explained on March 7, one of the first things I bought for myself when I got serious about exercise was a good, high-capacity mp3 player with comfy, noise-cancelling headphones. Many of you who have gotten to know me, also know that I even did this before new workout shoes (yes I am a nut, but by being here this fact about me you also already know).

I like my workout music a lot; I really do. I gets me going miles and miles and miles, on land September-May, and in the pool in the summer. Right now I'm closing in on 40 miles of lap swimming this summer.

Anyway, a few months ago when I had lost my first 10% of my starting weight, I rewarded myself with a new, waterproof mp3 player, as I also blogged about. I have loaded it with music; it's full. What music? Dare you ask, for you are going to be sorry you wondered this. Because, once again, - YOU GET TO GUESS! Hang on, it's yet another Sparky quiz (the sixth in a series) and here goes:

Step 1: I have yet again put my 3,200-song list on my mp3 player on random shuffle. Generally my player is my gym (and pool) workout buddy; most but not all of the songs tend to bounce along lively. I graduated high school in 1979; the fat part of my musical bell shaped curve is from about then through perhaps 1985. That being said, my kids have endeavored to keep me current and not yet musically fossilized so I have a little bit of newer stuff too. Many friends also attempt to broaden my tastes; generally I resist but occasionally I succumb.

Step 2: I have posted the lyrics from the first line from the first 30 songs that played, no matter how embarrassing or obscure. Or obvious. In the circumstance that the song starts out as a dead giveaway (ex. Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles), a different stanza is offered up.

Step 3: Your job is to guess the artist and title correctly. Now and then as my time affords, I will edit this blog to bestow the first-correct-answerers with due mention. And I will give you credit as first in with a correct guess. I am sole judge, jury and executioner in terms of near guesses. Think Alex Trebek. On Jeopardy, Alex would not give a half point for an artist without a song title or vice versa; nor will I.

Step 4: If your are a former, current or aspiring DJ try and constrain yourself to the five most obscure ones you know, so as to give others a chance. As always, looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING.

Now its late Saturday night here on the Eastern Seaboard, but I'm an early riser and I hope to see a bunch of guesses roll in during the overnight hours. Thus, you do have time to ponder, as long as your competitors also ponder... Here goes, once again, and good luck!...

1. The hand of fate is on me now; it pick me up and knock me down - GINGER
2. Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fiery ring - GINGER
3. There’s a place up ahead and I’m going, Just as fast as my feet can fly - GINGER
4. I'm not aware of too many things; I know what I know, if you know what I mean - AHTRAP
5. When I had you to myself, I didn’t want you around. Those pretty faces always make you stand out in a crowd.
6. I could feel it from the start; couldn’t stand to be apart
7. Give me what you can tonight; time is all we have to play
8. I'm a heartbreak beat; yeah, all night long. And nobody don't dance on the edge of the dark
9. Here I lie in a lost and lonely part of town; Held in time, in a world of tears I slowly drown - GINGER

10. All the old paintings on the tombs, they do the sand dance don’t you know - DRB13
11. Cracking up, getting ready to go; Had enough, I can't take any more
12. Blow your horns, you sure sound pretty; Your violins keep moving to the nitty gritty
13. You used to come around, drunk on the weekends
14. Many times I’ve tried to tell you; many times I’ve cried alone - AHTRAP
15. See I've been here for 28 years; pounding sweat beneath these wheels
16. Everybody gather ‘round now, let your body feel the heat - DRB16
17. I’m 15 for a moment; caught between 10 and 20 - SUSAN
18. You show us everything you’ve got; you keep on dancing and the room gets hot
19. Hey now – where you going with that load of nothing in your hand? - GINGER
20. This one goes out to the one I love; this one goes out to the one I've left behind - CMW123
21. Baby, can't you see? I'm calling a guy like you. Should wear a warning
22. North side, east side – he wears the crown, he's the king around town
23. A domesticated girl that’s all you ask of me; Darling it’s no joke – it’s lycanthropy
24. The old folks say that you got to end your date by ten - AHTRAP
25. Come out Virginia, don't make me wait; you Catholic girls start much too late - KARENC
26. It took too long, it took too long, it took too long for you to call back
27. You should've been gone; Knowing how I made you feel
28. I touched you once, I touched you twice; I won’t let go at any price - AHTRAP
29. I got something to say that might cause you pain...
30. Tommy used to work on the docks; Union’s been on strike and he’s down on his luck
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think 12 is Summer in the City?
    2090 days ago
    I like your idea about summer vacation. since i am not good at music a woo hoo to all those we get at least one right . thanks for the great blogs and sorry that the family summer weeks are over they are fun time for the 4 of I know here is to more time together in the summer of 2013
    have a great day emoticon emoticon
    2092 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    5 - Stop, the love you save by the Jackson 5
    10 - Walk Like An Egyptian by the Bangles
    16 - Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya (You) by Gloria Estefan (one of my Pandora stations)
    The others I knew off the top of my head were already answered.
    Sounds like you are groovin' ! emoticon
    2092 days ago
  • SUSAN818127
    17. One Hundred Years, Five for Fighting
    Knew several others, but some faster Sparkies beat me to 'em!
    2092 days ago
  • CMW123
    Woo Hoo! I know one!

    #20 is REM - The one I love

    I disagree with AHTrap emoticon I like the original of #24.
    2092 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2012 8:32:06 AM
    # 5 - Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
    #21 - Britney Spears- Toxic
    #27 - Journey - Sherry
    #30 - Bon Jovi - Living On A Prayer
    2092 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    #1- Rolling Stones=Hand of Fate
    #2 Johnny Cash= Ring of Fire
    #3 CCR = Up Around the Bend
    #9 BeeGees = Tragedy
    # 19 Bangles = Going Down to Liverpool

    2092 days ago
    Yeah, only one I know is #25 and someone beat me to it!
    2092 days ago
    #25 "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel My theme song through college and beyond! :)
    2092 days ago
    10,20 and 30 should be the first ones off the board, I'd think.

    4) What I am, Edie Brickell
    14) We Belong, Pat Benetar
    24) Your Mama don't dance, your daddy don't rock and roll (please tell me it's Poison's version)
    28) If you Leave, OMD

    2092 days ago
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