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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Olympics Workout Game (Modified from the DAILYSPARK BLOG)

(I'm including the very first time during competition I did this with date, but I continue to do the action any time I am watching) emoticon

emoticonA world record is set - 25 jumping jacks
(Ye 400 IM W in swimming 7/28)
CONGRATS TO WOMEN'S 4x100m Relay! 40.82 emoticon

emoticonAn Olympic record is set - 20 military presses with dumbbells
(in swimming 8/2) emoticon

emoticonAn American record is set - 20 tae kwan do kicks
(USA Women's swimming relay 7/28) emoticon

emoticonAny mention of mom or family - 10 pushups
(Irish gymnast who had leg tumor as child 7/28). emoticon
(quickly realized I will NEVER get through the games at this rate!)
replaced with 10 Kegels , emoticon
or if feeling extra good,
10 chest press with dumbbell (Phelps family interview 7/28) emoticon

emoticonTV cuts to a sport you don’t like - 30 seconds downward dog stretch
(Table tennis 7/30) emoticon

emoticonFlashbacks to previous Olympics - 30 seconds jogging in place
(Interview with gymnasts and Bella Karoly 7/28) emoticon

emoticonShots of disappointed coach/athlete - 10 single leg hops
(Michael Phelps 7/28) emoticon

emoticonSponsor mention - 50 crunches (not commercials!)
Chobani yogurt... emoticon

emoticon Crazy patriotic hairstyle - 10 walking lunges
(Japanese woman with face painted as flag women's volleyball)

emoticonRoyal family sightings – 10 burpees
(let's try something else unless it's a live shot)
(Equestrian event 7/29) emoticon

emoticonAthlete montage - 10 dips OR dumbbell kickbacks due to shoulder pain
(Ray Lochte feature 7/28) emoticon

emoticonRetired star in stands – 30 seconds high knees
(John McEnroe as commentator 7/28) emoticon

emoticon “sacrifice” or “hard work” - 30 seconds faux jump roping
(interview with the fab five - they said these words over and over...7/31) emoticon

emoticon London landmark - 15 Supermans
(Tower Bridge & Beach Volleyball held in Horse Guards Parade grounds 7/29) emoticon

emoticonMom crying - 10 bridges
(John Orozco feature 7/28) emoticon

emoticon MAN crying - 10 dumbbell shoulder press on ball
(Great Britain gymnast advanced team past China 7/28) emoticon

emoticonNational anthem (USA) – 45 second wall sit OR warrior pose
(Ryan Lochte 7/28) emoticon

emoticon Bronze medal (USA) – 20 reverse crunches
(swimming event 7/28) emoticon

emoticon Silver medal (USA) – 60 second plank
(1st one in archery 7/28) emoticon

emoticon Gold medal (USA) - 20 burpees
(Ryan Lochte 7/28) emoticon

emoticon Foreign language I speak - 10 pushups
(Italian team in volleyball) emoticon

emoticon Perfect score - 20 pushups
They don't really have this anymore, unless it is in archery or shooting...
Gymnastics has added difficulty multipliers for their scoring.

emoticonFalse start or penalty - 20 bicycle crunches
(Buzzer sounded during swimming but competitor not penalized because it was official's error) emoticon

emoticon USA win in preliminary round - 10 crunches on the balance ball
(Archery beat South Korea, LOTS of these!) emoticon

emoticon Great Britain Gold Medal – Dance to “Moves like Jagger”
emoticon(twice on 8/1! ) emoticon

emoticonCountry’s first Olympic medal ever - Imitate “Rocky” to theme “Gonna Fly Now”
Grenada - 400m men GOLD! emoticon

emoticonDisqualification - corpse pose for 3 minutes
(bad badminton! 8/1) emoticon

emoticon Michelle Obama sighting - 10 biceps curls
(Men's basketball 7/29) emoticon

emoticonCall Me Maybe cover - 10 chest flyes
(every single day, I'm going to be so strong LOL) emoticon

emoticon“Wenlock” Mascot sighting - 10 woodchoppers
(web video with Hunter Kemper on Today Show) emoticon

emoticon Tie for medal - 50 squats
(not sure if it was judo, but saw four flags raised at medal ceremony for women 8/2) emoticon

emoticonMichael Phelps wins most medals ever - schedule a water aerobics class
7/31/2012 19 medals, 15 of them Gold! Michael's medal count continues to rise! emoticon

Running Medal Count

Gold Medal leader

USA 46

Total Medal leader

USA 104


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