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Update Days 2 and 3 and Look Ahead at 4

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The past few days have been really great. It feels like I flipped a switch. The difference is like night and day. I feel very focused and on track. Now I just hope it lasts.

I have decided to stick with Eat To Live as my main eating plan. I have mentioned ETL many times. I feel it is very healthy, balanced, and sustainable. It is not overly restrictive either. I want to move toward a vegan eating style but for now I am allowing meat 2-3 times a week. I plan to be more strict in regards to dairy than meat because I believe dairy makes my allergies worse, not convinced on meat.

I have decided to focus more on what I can have rather than thinking so much about what I can't. I tend to get fixated on food so knowing what I am having for the day and focusing on that keeps me from fixating on thoughts of junk food. For example, I bought watermelon this week and I love watermelon. Whenever I thought about having a snack I thought about the watermelon and how much I enjoy it. I also really love cantaloupe, peaches, and plums right now. Taking a few minutes in the morning to make a general eating plan for the day really helps me. When I think about lunch I think about what I have planned instead of letting my mind wander on to foods I should not eat. I am also finding that I really enjoy stir fried veggies and even raw veggies in salads. I had a cucumber in one of my salads that was truly delicious. Focusing on the delicious foods I can eat keeps out wandering thoughts of junk. After all, I don't really want the junk, I want the good feelings that come from eating food that I enjoy and find delicious. When thoughts of junk food come into my head I do my best to remember the negative qualities. My goal is to retrain my brain to link junk food to negative thoughts and healthy food to positive thoughts. So far, so good.

Exercise has been great. Thursday was a rest day. I was pretty worn out after my long day Wednesday. Yesterday I more than made up for it with a 50 minute interval elliptical workout and then lots of activity during the day. I was very busy at work and then I ran a ton of errands. I got in 16,384 steps and 15 flights of stairs in total. Very happy with that.

Today should prove to be an active day too. I have my trainer appointment at 10 AM. That is a brutal 25 minute circuit workout. She truly has no mercy but also knows I can do it. By the end I can barely do one more rep of anything and that is a good thing in the strength training world. The workout is always different so I never know what to expect. In a way I feel like my week day workouts are all training and my trainer workout is my weekly physical test. After that I am checking out a farm stand that is close to the gym. My parents and sister are coming over today for a cookout. I have my eating plan all set. I am going to focus on veggies as much as possible but I am also having a couple steak tips because they are a treat for me and I truly enjoy them. My plan is for one serving of dessert and I am determined to stick to that. I have to clean the house a little after the gym and before they get here so that will be added exercise.

All in all, I feeling very focused and on track but I am taking nothing for granted. It's still one day at a time, one meal at a time. Journalling/planning is helping a lot.

As for weight: yesterday I was 198.0 and today I was 196.6! Always love to see those numbers drop! It is amazing what eating well and exercising can do!
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