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Customer Loyalty?????

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let me tell you about are recent car buying experience. We have been talking/looking/researching cars for the past year. We finally decided that we wanted a GMC Envoy. The only problem was the dealership that we have went to for 25 years does not have any. They do have a chevy trailblazer though which is a twin of the Envoy, Almost. This dealership is about 40 minutes away back have always treated us fair so I'm loyal to them. My wife and daughter went down an hour before I got off work to test drive the blazer. On the way there they stopped at another dealership that was giving at $25 gas cards for test driving cars. So they get there and love the car. I get there and tell the guy that I would like to test drive it. While I do that he can appraise our trade in and give me a out the door price. I told him I used to sale cars and I don't want to play the game. So I go for a test drive and get back and there stands the salesman with a payment amount. I asked him why he had a payment figure when I had told him we were writing a check for the difference. So this aggravated me, then his payment figure clicked. To reach there payment number I would have to pay them $300 to take my car. I almost forgot, our trade in is a 79 corvette. I have had for years and just don't drive much so was time to get rid of. So needless to say I'm furious now. The salesman tells me the manager will give me $1500 now for the vette. By now my language is not very nice as I head to the door. The salesman proceeds to tell me that the car has 100,000 miles on it. I tell him it is 33 years old. That is 3,000 miles a year. I ask him if he has any cars on his lot with that few of miles per year. Not to mention that I had already told him the motor had been completely rebuilt by a professional at a cost of $3000.Needless the say the more he talked the madder I got. The last thing I told him was that for 25 years we have always come to them. We drove by countless dealership to come to them and this is how they treat loyal customers. I will never go back.
By the time I got home I had calmed down. A guy at work had told me about another dealership just north of us that has treated him right. My wife went up on Saturday morning as I was working. I was worried because of how they try to take advantage of women. Well guess what, They didn't do it. They gave her what we wanted for the vette without argueing with them. My wife got her trailblazer with 10000 less miles then what our "loyal" dealership had for a lot less money. Guess I have a new dealership.
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    I left our dealership of 15 years last fall, too. I had a very similar experience to yours. When I think about the way I was treated it still makes me mad, 8 months later!
    But I like my new dealership.
    2091 days ago
    Sales people suck. A car dealer tried to take advantage of me one time, because I went by myself. I test drove the bronco 2 right over to my dad's house. he drove it and told me what was wrong and that it would not be a good buy. I went back to the dealer and they tried selling it to me for more than they had originally said. They also said there was nothing wrong with it when I knew better. I told them everything that was wrong with it (thanks to my dad!) I also told them how wrong it was to try to screw me because I was a woman, cussed them out and never returned to their crappy dealership! Congrats on the new ride, enjoy it! emoticon
    2092 days ago
    I agree -- car buying is for the birds -- hence why I am keeping my paid off car.
    2092 days ago
    I am so afraid of dealerships taking advantage of me....I am shopping around but dont see alot of difference.
    2092 days ago
    This is why I buy a car once every decade. Someday we will buy our vehicals from, just like everything else.
    2092 days ago
    I despise the car buying experience and high car payments. My husband and I each bought brand spanking new cars 13 years ago and haven't purchased since. These are both long paid for and I'm fine driving them forever.
    2093 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Buying a car can be such a frustrating experience. Good for you for sticking to your guns and getting the best deal!
    2093 days ago
    I hate car shopping!!! I hate the games. I get so upset now that my DH tells me not to come. But when we got here to Mexico and I wanted a smart car, he and I went to the local dealer. What a different experience. It was a pleasure and they continue to give me good service. So finally a good experience. So glad you got a good deal and a new car.
    2093 days ago
    We are in the process of buying an Escape. Tho my tale isn't as good as yours, it is rather humorous. They have to fix a few things and the price is right tho not as low as my husband preferred.... missed it by $250.00. But, while he's in dickering with them I went outside... saw a brand new Escape with mileage listed as 18/23. I went back in, and told them I am getting the raw end of the deal. My '95 tauras wagon was getting 19 in town and I haven't been out on the hwy with it for awhile but assume it is much higher there. The men just all looked at me. To make a long story short, I made my husband call them back after 15 minutes and tell them sold. I am tired of looking .. and so many are "dimpled darlings" or have multi probs. Granted this one has a few but they are fixing them.
    Should have it Wednesday.
    2093 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Things like that really do get your blood pressure up, but until now, you did not make waves, did not need to look at anything different. See how they stayed there for over 25 years? People did not question anything..
    There is WAY too much competition out there for anybody in sales to try to pull a fast one on anybody!
    First you are pi---ed, then you are hurt, then you get even.. walk away..

    Now that you are calmed down, look at it this way:At least it was ONLY 25 years,, what if you looked back in say, 25 more years and found out that they did that every time to you???
    The best way to show them how you feel is with your wallet!! And everybody's wallet that you know or talk to from now on!!
    I hope you post pics of your new wheels!! Great job!!
    2093 days ago
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