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I need help

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I have been trying to eat right and MOVE for about a year now. Nothing has happened besides I have gained weight. Weight goes up 1 lb every time I hit the scale. I have seen my doctor several times as well as an endocrinologist.
They have no answers.
I now need to lose 100 pounds.
The stress in my life never ends. I never get breaks from my kids.
I do not know what to do anymore.

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  • 51NFIT
    Hi Heidi,

    It's been a while since I've been on Spark and decided to check up on some old friends to see how they are doing. I haven't lost any weight since last time I was on here. And I've also been suffering from foot issues recently. Podiatrist really couldn't pin it down to anything except maybe a neuroma.

    I see you are moving to CA. I was born and lived there for 50+ years. Where are you moving too?

    Hang in there and do this for YOU!
    2404 days ago
  • HI-NRG
    I lived on the West Coast for 7 years, it wasn't that bad. You'll make friends, don't worry. I did join a health club January this year and I found a fitness buddy. I eavesdropped and hung around ladies chatting before classes and I finally found someone who seemed to have the same interests as me. (took over 3 months). I went out on a limb and suggested that we text each other every time we were going to classes that we both liked and we could support each other. Since May we text each other almost every day. More than once I have wanted to stay comfortable on the couch and then I'd get a text, "See you in 30 mins". It would motivate me to move my butt and not only work out but not eat something I might regret.

    I haven't made much progress toward my weight loss goal recently, but I am healthier and have set myself up for success.
    Stick with Sparkpeople. Just keep coming back here.
    Let us know how everything works out, good and bad.

    2418 days ago
    2425 days ago
    thank you for all your comments so very very very much. Really can not express how appreciative I am. I should have been more specific about certain things, like my sons are 5 and 8. my husband works a lot but he's selfish.
    we moved 700 miles 1 year ago and now he's moving us over 2000 miles to the west coast.
    I walk over 10000 steps every day but I'm in pain from foot issues. Saw a podiatrist, the arches threw my back out was sent to physical therapy, went 4 times but I can't do an hour of that with no one to help with kids.
    My mother is deceased, I am in a family of men but doesn't matter they live far away.
    I am very active, walking, climbing floors. I track my food half the day and then have no time .. I worked out twice this week, could only make it through 20 minutes of each 1 hour workout.
    I think I need to join a gym - where I can be "alone".
    BUT then again my husband is trying to move us across the county in the next 4-6 weeks.

    I will look into the cortisol.

    Thank you all.
    I will try to write to you each individually sometime this weekend.
    I hope you have a nice weekend.
    2425 days ago
  • SOFT_VAL67
    i agree with the last person who posted, here is an article about stress/ cortisol, i hope it helps......http://stress.about.com/

    stress is a huge factor in obstruction of weight loss, discuss with your endo how cortisol effect weight loss or weight gain, caused by stress
    try to eliminate some of the stress from your life, even if its just taking 30 mins a day of "me" time, i do this by walking an hour every day, sometimes an hour again in the evenings...
    its my me time and i ask no one else to come along to walk....
    you have to focus on not letting others rent space in your mind....
    2425 days ago
    All the advice here is excellent and I agree. Wave Runners are here for you too...pop in and say 'Hi'. Let the team 'support' you.

    We are all on the same journey and not everything works for everyone...let's see if we can find the secret that will work for you.

    2425 days ago
    You have to get the word "diet" out of your vocabulary altogether. I have "changed my lifestyle" and my "eating habits"...I will NEVER be on a diet again! Use everything you can on sparkpeople: the food tracker, the recipes, the articles...arm yourself with knowledge! The only person that can make you feel better is YOU. Research, talk to people, vent to friends or whomever will listen (like us!). This is a life-long journey; I have chosen to enjoy the ride! I started sparkpeople almost 2 years ago and I'll be honest - I am not to my goal weight yet. But through it all I realized that I had a LOT of issues to work through before I could continue focusing on me. It took me 6 months to get myself back on track, but I did it. You need to start off with some small goals; I chose to change my eating habits first. After a week or two I then focused on food and water intake. Then a couple of weeks later I started to exercise for 30 minutes a day. Dr. Oz says that if you try to take everything on all at once you're setting yourself up for failure. I totally believe in that! And think about it...what do you have to lose??? Try something new...you may surprise yourself :) We are all here for you! Stay strong and know that you CAN do this!!!
    2425 days ago
    Focus on things you CAN control, like what goes into your mouth and how much and how often you move. Ultimately, you cannot control the scale. Focus on these things you can control. Track your food and exercise. Don't go below your target thinking you'll lose faster! Reward yourself for little achievements, and not with food! You are not a dog!

    As for kids, depends on how old they are and in what ways they drive you crazy....really! I'm sure you'll get some pretty good tips in addition to the ones you already have if you mentioned their ages and what behaviors in particular are driving you up a wall. I have a 9 year old and her consequences are real consequences of the action. Forget her book, she doesn't have it; forget her $ when we go shopping, she doesn't get whatever, etc.

    You can do this. Take it one day at a time. focus on what you can control, and stay off the scale!

    2426 days ago
    First, let me say I totally sympathize with your frustration and I'm sorry for your situation. I was *you* for a few years - I lose weight very slowly (I call it "glacially" when I lose at all; I saw doctors, dietitians (I had to sit there with a woman who showed me portion sizes using rubber food- I wanted to slap that fake pork chop right out of her hand), had numerous tests (thyroid, Cushings, etc.), and am on medication that slows my metabolism. I managed to wear away 55 lbs in the past 7 months with this:
    1. I joined a gym and did fitness classes. I had been walking regularly, but was mortified at how I couldn't keep up - so I needed to reevaluate how hard I was really working. I now work out really hard every day and have finished 2 5k races.
    2. Stress: I changed jobs. I also have two teens who indulge in impulsive and self-absorbed behavior. I did a TON of reprogramming my head to lower standards on housework, break away from micro-managing my kids (if they forgot something for school it was on them, for example), and learned to do 5 deep breaths several times a day (it does work). I listen to music and read. I make sure I have an hour of silence a day, even if I don't meditate.
    3. Sleep. You didn't mention it, but I bet you're not getting 8 hours. I read that losing 3 hours of sleep is like overeating 600 calories.
    4. Tracking every bite that went into my mouth.
    5. Every bite.
    6. Boy, that's not much food.
    7. We are all in this together. You are smart to reach out. Most days I've come to terms with how slowly I lose weight. Some days not. All days I know I have a great support system on SparkPeople for food plans and especially for exercise.
    Good luck! Write if you feel the need.
    PS. You didn't say how old your kids are, but I bet they would help you. As much as I say my kids are needy, they encourage me and even work out with me on occasion. They also do their own laundry and cook for themselves so I can get to the gym. Or they spray their clothes with Febreeze and wait for their food. They're still standing!
    2426 days ago
    I agree with the other posts: use the tools on Spark. Record everything you eat & drink to get an accurate idea of your daily calories/fats/carbs/protein. If you need to make adjustments, it will be easy to spot the problem areas.

    what type of exercises are you doing? OnlyTemporary is right: your body will adjust if you don't change it up. Use the fitness tracker, but ONLY COUNT EXERCISE (not your usual daily chores). Yes, doing laundry and cleaning house burn more calories than when you are still, but if it's part of your normal routine you can't really count that as a calorie burn (the BMR scale that Spark uses has already estimated these activities). BJP has some good ideas to add extras to your usual activities.

    little bursts of activity will add up. You don't have to workout for an hour at a time to make progress. Do 5 or 10 minutes of jumping jacks, skip rope, do some push ups, etc. You can do several of those each day to get in your 30 - 60 minutes of exercise. There are lots of exercise demos and videos available on Spark for free.

    you can also do exercise activities with your kids. If they are young, make it fun (chasing each other or racing to see who is the fastest). If they are older, talk with them and tell them you really need their help. Everybody likes to feel needed. It may take some adjustments for everybody, but all of you will win in the end.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    for years, I thought I was doing everything right. I couldn't seem to lose weight...and the scale kept creeping up. The number one rule of losing weight is NUTRITION. You cannot out run a bad diet. Yes, I was very active. I worked out at least an hour 6 or 7 days a week. And my job was physically demanding. To me, that meant I should be able to eat what I wanted (within reason).

    That was true for most of my life. But as I got older, the metabolism changes meant I had to make some changes in my habits.

    I started with the Weight Watchers points system. It was pretty simple for me. I learned proper portion size and saw that I was eating more than I thought. But when I hit a plateau, I got no help.

    Spark tools give me the detail so I can see what the problem is. And there are experts available to help too!
    2426 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2012 7:05:20 AM
    Try these tips too. Be sure and sign up for Spark America and when you set up your exercises, just remove any you can't do or don't want and put in those you do. Be sure and schedule a day for cardio so you have access to the "other exercises" page where the walking, housework, playing with children etc. are to be found. When you are done, set up your Appointment calendar to send you reminders and when they come, click on the link then fitness and just check them off as you do them. Such a great feature. Use your spark points page to help you use and learn all the fantastic tools we have at this site. Another thing I learned last week on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss was, that after doing an exercise 6 of your exercise periods in a row, your body is used to it and stops going forward so change out your routine every few days.
    2426 days ago
    It sounds like you have a lot of stress. Stress produces cortisol. Cortisol causes weight gain. First off, are you tracking your food with the Sparkpeople tracker? When you say you move can you tell me what you are doing? How much time are you putting into exercise? Now if you don't have time to exercise the way you want, here are some tips. When you are doing anything at the kitchen counter do some short squats where you stand, take a second or two to hold on to the counter and do leg kicks. Well putting up groceries hold a can of veggies in each of your hands and do arm raises. When you vacuum do leg lungs. Find ways to throw in some exercise during your daily household chores. When you go shopping park away from the store entrance. That way you can get some more steps in. Play with the kids outside. Play chase or do jumping jacks with them. Read everything SparkPeople has to offer on nutrition, exercise, and stress. I am not sure how old your children are. If they are small use their naptime or after they go to bed for the night and do something relaxing. Me time is so important. You can recharge yourself with something relaxing like reading or doing a craft hobby you make like. If your kids are adolescent and you have over scheduled yourself as well as them with sport or dance, you might want to cut down on some things. Take a good look at what is going on and make some hard decisions. Teenagers can be a little more involved for you. You can sit them down and discuss your need for some me time and explain your stress to them. Try to work something out with them letting them help you work this out. One other question. Since you have children I know it is easy to get into a habit of eating out more then one should. Is this the case here? Eating out can cause a lot of weight gain. I went through this myself. It is hard to eat healthy if you are eating out very often. Even most of the so call healthy salads at restaurants are laden with sodium, fat, and preservatives. Instead of giving in to McDonald's make a picnic. Let he kids help prepare it. Make healthy but taste foods and then go to a local park. Once again play with the kids at the park. It is a win win for all of you. I am not sure of the lack of help you have with kids. Try to find a trusted relative or two as well as some friends to help you with the kids. You could do a share thing. You keep a friends kids for a few hours a week and then that friend returns the favor. It would be good to start a club with a group of friends and everyone share in helping with each others children giving each mother a break. I hope I have been some help to you. Losing weight is work and it takes a lot of dedication. You have the desire, which means you can do this. If I can help you in any way just holler.
    2426 days ago
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