One month till surgery -- new goals!

Friday, July 27, 2012

So I have one month (and a day) until my brachioplasty. I'm starting to get really excited. One thing I'm not excited about... not being able to work out AT ALL for three weeks. I'm supposed to maintain a low heart rate and not get the blood pumping to help improve healing. I'm going to ask at my pre-surgery consultation in two weeks if I can do mild stuff like walking at a slow pace or recumbent biking at a slow pace.

One caveat of surgery is that you're supposed to be within 10 pounds or so of your final goal weight. I've tried to be realistic about the weight I'm going to try to maintain. I'm 5'10" so I think 170 is a good number for my high end. Its definitely better than the 280 I used to be! I don't think I'll ever be one of those "half-her-size" women. It would take way too much exercise and 1200 calorie days to get down that far. Heck these last five pounds have been fighting me for three months.

My SparkGoal right now was to get down to 176 by 8-8-12 (my 1 year Sparkiversary). I weighed in on Tuesday at *gasp* 179.6~! I haven't seen a 17# in so long I can't even remember. I was probably in 6th or 7th grade to be honest. And funny enough, back then when I was 12, people thought I was 17/18 from my height and weight. Its really strange to think about... Someone made a comment last week that I look really young now. I take that as a compliment that I don't look 27, but I guess healthy eating and losing 100 pounds would make anyone look younger. Plus being told you look younger as you near 30 is never a bad thing ;-)

So for goals -- its Shark Week so I'm not anticipating any major losses for the week. The 179.6 was a complete shocker for me. I had dropped the four pounds I gained back, but somehow kept getting suck at 180.4. I worked out religiously for a few days, ate in my calorie range and still those pesky 0.4 pounds wouldn't leave! I have been keeping up the exercise, but my TOM has made my stomach a bottomless pit. I swear I couldn't get enough food for the last two days. I eat clean and healthy for breakfast and lunch. I come home and prepare a healthy dinner -- but I'm still hungry. Its crazy. I know I'm hydrated and full of food -- but some silly hormones are trying to convince my logical brain to keep eating. Luckily I've got a lot of good stuff saved up in my fridge and cabinets, so a binge happens 100-150 calories at a time and not 700+ calories at a time like from a bag of chips.

I'll still aim for 176 on 8-8-12 as some miracle sign from God, but I'm realistic about not reaching it. So instead, now I'm thinking that 176 on the morning of my surgery is a good realistic goal. (The surgery is my 100# lost present to myself from my highest recorded doctor's office visit of 276)

After that, who knows? I know that post-surgery I'm going to have to be conscious of my diet as exercise will be out. Since its just my arms, I'd really still like to get in some core workouts and leg stretches -- I have killer abs (they're just covered up right now)

So anyway, today is a rest day. I've worked out every day this week so far, either cardio or strength training. Apparently my strength training last night and two night ago + cramps is making my entire body hurt! It's probably my own fault for doing 500 dumbbell side bends on each side though. *It's my new favorite move. I was about to upgrade to a 20# kettlebell -- but I'm now saving up for the surgery. On the other hand, some killer upper arm workouts before surgery aren't such a bad idea... Oh shopping addiction, you strike again...
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    Wow, I have been catching up on your blogs and you are doing amazing. Just wanted to let you know you are an inspiration and you must be feeling really proud.
    2122 days ago
    So many happy thoughts are in my head for you! I know you'll rock your goal and the surgery! Sending hugs and an "I care" your way!
    2123 days ago
    You seem like you've got this cased... good luck!! Good luck with your surgery as well!!
    2124 days ago
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