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Time to come clean... Big update and new pictures.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Wow I cant believe it is the end of July and its been 6 months since I have visitied this site. I used to be here EVERY day, all day. This took over my facebook addiction. Then I started to lose weight and then I kinda didnt feel like I needed to be on here as much.

Boy was I wrong. I reached 141 and got tired. Tired of working out, tired of eating healthy. I took pretty much a year break. On and off with excersising and stuff. The good news is i didnt gain a lot of weight back, the bad news it I still gained. I lost me, I lost control, I lost my spark.
But I am not a quitter. I am here, I am back, I love me and I won't give up.

Update in my personal life. I am no longer married. That had probably a lot to do with me being gone. The last 6 months has been VERY VERY VERY difficult. I am a strong cookie though, I pushed through it. I went to school full time, i worked full time and went through a divorce and I did not give up.
I am still healing but it is for the best. It was very peaceful or as peaceful as spliting from someone that was in your life for 6 years can be.

I am hoping to move to Austin in the fall. That is my dream and I will make it happen sooner or later.

I am still singing and finally got back in the studio last night which felt so good.
I am discovering me. I am 24 and have been through a lot of crap, but I keep going.
I am surrounded by amazing people who lifted me when I needed it most.

Last night as i was coming home at midnight I stopped at jack in the box, ate some nasty greasy but delishious food and drove home. I went to bed.
This morning I woke up with a completely new drive. I am ready to get back on the track. I deserve to feel good in my skin. I don't want to go back to where it hurt and I hated myself. I worked to damn hard to lose that.

So I am back. Breakfast :
cottage cheese
and honey.
YUM YUM YUM and water :)


Oh and here are some pictures :)

my sexy boyfriend ;)

My wifey/my best friend/ my motivator

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