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Friday, July 27, 2012

Let’s crunch some numbers, shall we? February 2010 I weighed in at a whopping 238lbs. By the end of the year, I lost 23lbs to end up at 215. January 2011 I started out at 214lbs and ended up at 194lbs by the end of the year for a weight loss of 10lbs. I guess I just wasn’t trying. This year, however, has been very dramatic in my weight loss. I started at 194lbs in January and now I’m 155lbs for a loss of 39lbs. I weighed 182lbs when I went into the hospital, but because of my sickness, and water weight, etc., I ended up gaining almost 60lbs!!! Halfway through my stay, I weighed in at 229lbs. You can just imagine how upset I was. It took me two years to get all that weight off and there it was back again. It made my recovery process that much harder. I was swollen from the belly button down and just to get up to the bathroom exhausted me so much! It was really hard because I was on IV diuretics which make you pee a lot. The only thing that really kept me going was knowing that it was all water weight, not fat weight. However, I have lost all the water weight and more. I have lost 74lbs this summer. I’m glad to have the weight off, but it’s not exactly the healthiest way to do it. I am still fairly weak from being in the hospital for so long and it takes a lot out of me just to go shopping for groceries. I am working on it, and getting my strength back so that I can go back to work and a normal life. I don't care about my hellacious looking stretch marks, or the scars from surgery. I'm just happy to be alive and ready to fight another day. emoticon
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