Happy Birthday To Me

Friday, July 27, 2012

so this is day 5 that my husband and i have been working out together. its much eaiser to get into it with someone with me. Woke up today feeling pretty good. we have been starting kinda small, but will be adding more and more as we go. right now we get up do streches, roll out our mats, he does a set of sit ups(20), i do a set of crunches (30). We each have a set of resistance bands so we work those for about 3 mins. and go for another set of sit-ups/crunches, and finish up with one more round of bands. Then its time for our jog outside. right now i can only do 3min tops, but trying every day to push more.
We've also been more careful wit the food we eat. We eat 5 small meals thru-out the day. so every 3 hours we eat a meal that is between 250-400 cal. Even though today is my birthday, we will still are goin with the plan. i found a skinny lasagna skillet to make, and a recipe for a low cal cake.
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