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Friday, July 27, 2012

First at 11:00...Woman gets motivated to change her lifestyle to a healthy one! We have a reporter at the scene!

This is Penelope Jackson, here with Susan Rodriguez of George, Washington. "Susan, it is rumored that you are making healthy changes to your lifestyle and not falling prey to fad diets. Would you care to comment?"

Well yes, Penelope, I am making healthy changes and diets are no longer a part of the plan. Let me say that I have spent many many years trying to lose weight. I have also spent lots of money going from one diet to another. I had some success but it was short
lived. These plans could only take me so far. Some of them left me so deprived that I couldn't make it through a whole week! That is not living in my book!

I have made a decision (a quality, no turning back decision) that I will no longer turn to a diet to lose the weight. I decided that the only way to make lasting change in my health was to make a lifestyle change.

Penelope, if I may elaborate a bit, I have found a fantastic website where I have learned so much about making small changes that will lead to big changes in my life.

"Susan, if I understand what you are saying, it seems like you are referring to more than just your weight. Is that correct?"

That is exactly right. I was, what you might call, an emotional prisoner in my home. I couldn't leave my house. If I even though about leaving, it would trigger a panic attack. After finding and joining, I have begun to leaving my house. I keep in contact better with my family. It isn't perfect but it is lots better.

I will be honest and say that I don't like exercise but since joining, I have exercised every day for 55 straight days. I have lost a total of 39 pounds 21 which I lost since joining. I recently found out just how important this site is to my success.

"Please share with our viewers what you discovered".

Well, recently I was not feeling well. I had a few days where I wasn't as active on the site. When I say active, I mean that I wasn't blogging or commenting on other blogs or SparkPages or in my teams like I usually did.

"What is a SparkPage?"

Well a SparkPage is your personal page where you can post pictures, post your blogs or vblogs. You can tell others a bit about yourself, you goals, your program that you are using and it shows the friends that you have made and the teams that you have joined on Spark.

So, like I said, I wasn't as active while I wasn't feeling well. What I found what that it was easier to eat things that I wouldn't normally eat. Or maybe I planned to eat something for dinner, but I didn't watch my portions. I don't have that problem when I am active on the site.

You see, SparkPeople keeps me accountable. It keeps me motivated and energized to keep pushing. What you find here is that people care about your success. When you ask for help with recipes, you get recipes! When you post that you need support, you get support! When you have a great week, there are folks there cheering you on! When you are struggling, there are people there taking the steps with you and encouraging you to stick with it! I was ill and people were wishing me a quick recovery.

"Wow Susan, that is incredible. You have had great success and SparkPeople sounds like a great site!"

It is Penelope. It was an answer to prayer for me. It has changed more than my weight. I know that this time, I will make it to my goal and I will be cheering others on to their goals! That is a great feeling.

"Thank you Susan for sharing with our viewers today. This is Penelope Jackson reporting from George, Washington. Back to you in the studio!"

Okay so fun aside, I did find out how important SP is to my success. You are all important to my success. I thank you all for cheering me on. I thank you all for motivating me and encouraging me. Thanks for all the great challenges and the fun games. Thanks for the well wishes and the care and concern while I was sick.

I know that it can get tough to stick with your plan from time to time. It can be easy to just eat whatever and relax instead of exercising. I know because I have been there. I know how one meal can become a day and one day can turn into a week and on and on. I know how it can make you discouraged and you might think about not coming to the site to talk about it or track. Don't do it! Come anyway! That is what it is here for. It is here to help us through those situations big and small.

We are a group (a HUGE group) of people who have been there. We understand what it is like. We may even be going through the same thing at the same time. We all need each other!

If you have slipped and fallen or gotten tripped up, I am here reaching down to lift you up and there are so many others here that will do the same. Let us help! Don't try to take this journey alone! Don't give up!!! There is no need for that. A trip is so much more fun with friends to share the trip with! Put the past in the past and let's move forward together.

If you haven't been struggling, keep your eyes open for someone who is and reach out and help them back up. I know that I don't have to remind anyone of that but hey this is my blog so I threw it in for good measure! lol

**Sunshine, you know who you are, don't give up my friend! You have seen success. Don't let this bump in the road keep you away! I miss you!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend!**

Okay lets return to our regularly scheduled program. And let's be healthy and active out there!

Much love!
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