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Friday, July 27, 2012

Vlog about my day - frustrations with son and also sharing about my visit with Mom. How my Mom reacted to my weight loss and why I think she did. I filmed this while walking today. Walk with me if you'd like.
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    Congratulations on your 71 pounds of weight loss!!! I am so glad that you are proud of yourself! I wholeheartedly agree that the person losing the weight should be the person most proud of themselves, so I am so very glad that you are proud!

    Glad to hear that you mother was able to help you out financially a little, although sad that it may be at the expense of not visiting them at Christmastime. Sorry that you're feeling guilt over needing/accepting your parents' support.

    I have to say I'm often a little lost when you speak about your husband. He doesn't sound very supportive. Does he not know what you go through with N every day? Is your husband supportive of your weight-loss and working-towards-health journey? Does he look after N so you can get some "me" time, and make sure you have time for exercise?

    I love your idea of walking with you with listening to your blog. Too bad it didn't occur to me until 3/4 of the way through your blog!! So, here's a suggestion: when you start your video, could you maybe remind us fellow Sparkers to pause your video and go and put on shoes so we can walk with you? :-)

    I'm off to do my exercise for the night; hoping that N's tantrums are subsiding a little.
    2608 days ago
    Dearest Angel,

    I hate to hear that about your mom, but maybe she wants to live vicariously through you. Do you have any other siblings? Also, I have always found that my biggest critic is not me but someone else in my family. I'm no shrink, and I don't know if that is the normal family dynamic, but sure seems to be true more and more.

    Anyway, you are your biggest cheerleader, and we are a close second!! Well, somewhere in there is your DH and son - after his nap, though! LOL

    I love watching your Vlogs! And no, you don't film you ear the entire time! You've gotten pretty good at that! I'm impressed!

    Hope the evening goes better for you, and I am so glad you still get to go out and walk to vent and get some fresh air. Sure wish I could walk with you!

    Oh, and I hope Florida doesn't fall in to the ocean, but if your mom gets any more insight into when exactly that will happen, will you do me the favor of letting me know? I'm about 20 minutes from the GA line, so I will need a little advance notice!! HAHA

    Big Hugs, soul sista!

    2609 days ago
    try to smile and have a great day
    2610 days ago
    Hey Wendy~ My husband don't clean often, and if he gets in the mood to clean he must finish what he starts. That's the house rule with me. I can slack, but he can't since he only cleans up behind himself 3 times a year. That's the deal on the cleaning of his "man" room. I do the cleaning mostly around here, and I asked him to not clean up any of my areas. The living room is the kids. The Gym area is mines; along with the table, kitchen, and my closet. Those are my areas to clean. The master bedroom is mines too. I want to keep those things in order myself for a reason. I feel if I start it I'll finsh it my way and I'll know where everything is at. My husband starts projects and he does finish them, but only because I warn him on what will happen if he starts and don't finish. I will go on a rampage and no one likes that. So! I hope your hubby finish the project he started.

    On to your weight loss. Congrats on the 70lbs.
    I'm don't understand what it is with mothers, but my mom did a number on me when she lost the weight with the gastric bypass. I think my mom felt it was okay to point out I was fat "more and more" each day. So, I got committed to doing what I said I was going to do. My mom would have never done it if I didn't make a promise to lose the weight in the first place. So as she was going down; I was stressing with other things, and then I clicked and she kinda fell off. She hurt my feelings alot, but it didn't bother her one bit. Well, my mom got down to a size 20 and she use to be a size 44. Now! She's a size 26 and is struggling to get back on track. I believe she is going to have to go in and have it redone, but I'm telling my mother she must have the will to do this on her own, and stop looking for the quick fixes. Your mom will come around. Congrats on the 71lbs. I'm proud of you. You are doing great things for you and your family, and that's all you need to think about is you.

    You are right... We are our own best friends during weight loss, and we are our biggest supporters and cheerleaders in the pack. I wish you well

    2610 days ago
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