Thursday, July 26, 2012

I just typed up a long blog entry and instead of posting it I closed the window oops. let me start over yesterday I biked for eight miles in 4! minutes! that is my personal best so far. I feel as though biking the trail in Door County will be no problem. Speaking of Door County, I'm leaving to go tomorrow! I can't wait. I am packing to go right now.

My brother took the MCAT today, so we are going out to celebrate at a Japanese restaurant. I am going to have sushi, I think. I was bad last night and didn't record my dinner, but instead of being all negative about it and letting it get me down, I have decided to move past it and not let it stop me from recording my meals in the future. In the past I would have beat myself up about it, but now I am trying to let it go.

I found out why I am getting the headaches, maybe. Let me start over from the beginning, a few months ago I was riding in the car with my then boyfriend (now ex) and we were hit from behind. He didn't want to make a big deal of it and report it, he had a clunker of a car. I said that my neck hurt a little bit and that I had had whiplash in the past, he asked if I was okay, and I said I was. Instead of insisting that I go to the hospital, I agreed to continue our date. I remember that it was March 31st because that was the last day that my mother's insurance was effective, and the next day my new insurance took effect. I get insurance through my school now, and it is not as good. After a while I had forgotten about the accident and started getting really bad headaches whenever I would be a passenger in a car or bus and read or did anything. They started occurring more and more frequently so I finally went to the doctor about it last week. He was a new doctor and when I was telling him my medical history I remembered about the accident and mentioned it. He ordered an x-ray. He didn't know what was causing the headaches and said I should see a neurologist.

My results from the x-ray came back yesterday and one of my vertebrae was sub-normal and was either too curved or not curved enough, I didn't understand the results so I called the doctor back and talked to the nurse. She said that the problem with my neck was probably what was causing my headaches. She said that they were probably tension headaches caused by muscle spasms. She said there were two options, one was a neurologist and the other was physical therapy. I said I would prefer physical therapy because I thought it would be cheaper. I also said that I had to call my insurance because I wanted to see if they would cover it. This morning I was woken up by a call from the nurse saying that my doctor wanted me to do physical therapy and after a few weeks I should see if it worked or not.

After that I called my insurance to see if PT was covered and found out that my coverage expires on August fourth. I am really glad I called. I then called my school and found out that they were switching insurance providers. I called the new insurance people and they said that I have to apply on their website and it would cost around $1,700. I am so glad I found out today, because I am leaving for vacation tomorrow and not getting back until the fifth.

Anyway sorry to bug you with the boring stuff. Hopefully PT will work and the really bad headaches will go away, in the meantime I am going to be taking Advil every time I ride in the car and hope that that will prevent the headaches.
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    Defintely glad you got checked out or your insurance lapsing would have been terrible. Never assume anything in an automobile accident. I hope you get PT and make a full recovery. I hope it does not ruin your vacation plans.
    2129 days ago
    It's good you called ahead and got the insurance information. Too often people just assume it will be fine, then find out later that they now have to pay the cost.

    Forgive yesterday, hope for tomorrow, do better today. It's hard to learn from our mistakes if we let them destroy our momentum. Ask yourself what led to you not recording your dinner. Then try to figure out how to motivate yourself to continue recording everything in the future. Though, did you know that on the nutrition page there are arrows that allow you to go back to previous days or even to future days? You can go back and enter in what you ate (if you remember).
    2129 days ago
    Insurance can be such a pain to deal with! I hope that they get things worked out with it and that it will cover PT so you can get on the road to recovery.

    Enjoy Door County -- such a gorgeous part of the state that I have yet to explore :)
    2129 days ago
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