Been a while... update.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I started working full time about a month ago. I injured my knee in my last week of P90X, and had been unable to finish. I lost 14 pounds total with P90X and despite not being able to get in a real workout in the last month and a half, have dropped another 10.5 pounds. My total weight loss for all of last year was 16 pounds, my goal for this year was to just get under and stay under 200 pounds. I am down to 175 and was fitting into the wardrobe I had when I was 150. Even with the 25 pound difference, I am looking at needing to go down a size and needing new clothes. My overall goal (no set time) was to get to 150.
As of 3 days ago, I managed to realign my schedule to fit in a full workout again. I am really proud of my progress and looking forward to where this road is taking me. =)
25 pounds lost since March!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance*
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